When Death Is A Actually Gift For Your Loving Pet

Health, last updated 29th, Apr 2018, Surbhi Chauhan

There are certain cases in which, euthanasia is actually a form of kindness something you owe your pet after the loving years he/she has blindly devoted to you. Here are some cases wherein euthanasia may be the only answer:

  •  Limited mobility.
  • Acute pain, which in turn, is preventing the pet from taking inadequate nutrition.
  • Incontinence, sometimes as a result of the failure of the kidneys to concentrate urine, and sometimes simply because the bladder sphincter muscle is no longer functioning properly.
  • When available therapies are no longer effective.
  • Severe behavioural problems.Sometimes (although rarely), a pet dog may turn into a vicious creature, biting all family members ferociously at the drop of a hat.

If all possible solutions like training, punishing, etc, have been exhausted, and it is impossible to live with the pet without being attacked, euthanasia is a kinder option than abandonment, as the pet is accustomed to a domestic environ, and will not know how to fend for itself outside of the home.

Letting Go:

One must keep in mind that what matters most to the animal is quality of life, not the length of life. A dog doesn’t make plans for next year’s vacation, nor does it have to call in its attorney to will its legacy away. It simply wants to live if life is worth living, and wants to escape if each day is full of torture. Dogs live for the moment, and for their next meal or walk. Some treatments offer a good quality of life for many years. Sometimes, however, a ‘short life and a gay one’ is better than a long, afflicted existence.

For those worried about causing pain to their beloved pets, you should know that euthanasia is humane and virtually painless. The typical procedure involves an intravenous injection of a barbiturate anaesthetic, given at a high concentration(overdose). In general, the euthanasia is rapid, usually within seconds, and very peaceful. Your pet will just go to sleep.On rare occasions, there may be a brief vocalisation or cry as consciousness is lost. This is not pain, although owners may interpret it as such.

Within seconds of pumping the injection, the anaesthetic overdose will cause the heart to slow and finally stop, and all circulation in the body will cease. As the heart stops and the blood pressure decreases, the unconscious animal will stop breathing, circulation to the brain will cease and your pet will die peacefully.


Coming to Terms:

Most people need time to come to terms with the loss of a close animal friend. Many seek consolation in remembering the many joys that their dog brought them. Others find it harder to come to terms with pet bereavement, especially if the dog was their chief companion. Often, owners are overcome with guilt after they witness their darling pet turning lifeless. They are haunted by questions and doubts as to whether they did right by their loved one whether they could have prevented their ailment and consequent distress. “Perhaps”, they feel, “I was too late in taking him to the vet”, or “Only if I had noticed his limp before”, etc. It is common to question and reason with oneself after the loss of a pet. However, the owner must realise that he/she has done the right thing if the pet was simply not responding to treatment, was in utter pain for the most part of the day for a prolonged period, and if there was no pertinent treatment left that hadn’t already been explored. Believe me; your pet would be grateful for it. You absolved him from his misery, for he couldn’t free himself



Aman Kapoor
i lost my pet few days back bcoz of pain.. :(

By: Aman Kapoor | 08 Nov 2012

I had to put one of my dogs to sleep and i still feel very guilty of doing that. At the point of time that is what the vet had suggested considering the severity of his condition.

By: Aditi | 29 Nov 2012