Why Dogs Rub Their Nose Against You

Life with Dogs, last updated 18th, Jul 2016, Ruchika Anand

We all love it when our dog nuzzles up against us, don’t we? Seldom do we wonder why our dog does so. Well, it’s time for you to know that dogs do rub their nose against you for a purpose.

Woman Rubbing Noses with Puppy

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Here are 5 reasons why your dog is going all gaga over you with his nose:

1. Craving your attention:

When your cute little pooch feels ignored, it will do all that it can (be it nuzzling) to make you realise that it exists and then you can’t help but acknowledge its presence!

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2. Just to say ‘hi’

Dogs being one of the most social animals sometimes rub their nose against you only to say ‘hi’. So why not hug them tight and say hi to them with all the love that we can shower on them?

Image Source: www.cesarsway.com


3. Hunger alert

 Dogs try to tell you that they are hungry through a number of signs, one of them being them pressing their nose against you. Worry not! Feed your dog and he will stop nudging you.

Image source: www.purina.co.nz


4. Bossing around

Dogs may also excessively nudge people or other animals if they want to express their dominance. Watch out for such signs!

Image Source – www.cuteness.com


5. Protect me, please

If dogs are afraid of other animals or a natural phenomenon like thunderstorms etc., they may rub their nose or other body parts against you. All they want is for you to hold them and protect them! So cuddle up with them and make them feel protected.

Image Source: www.drmartybecker.com


Ever noticed your dog nudging against you?Share your stories with us and let us know how you pacified your dog.

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