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Dog Boarding- Good or Bad- Consufed dog owner

27 Jul 2008 | by | Posted in: Wag News


“Where are the PETA Gals?”- Metro Now Friday, 18th JulyWhere are the Pets gals, Gohils pet shop, gurgaon, delhi NCR

 Metro Now caught my eyes, a bad pet boarding experience makes cover page story. Great! Shows the power of dog lovers J.  I am struggling for bad customer experience issue with sify broadband, reliance telecom, IFB washing machine etc. since quite a while now, have been writing letters after letters; sify treats really bad, worst that ticks treat a dog, but no one got me on Metro Now… errr I am human :D.

A dog makes a story, because the pet boarding treated it badly!

Leaving my frustration of being a human behind let me tell you what happened, Russhel, a pug was left at a pet boarding and when the owners came to collect it had ticks all over. The article in Metro Now is so strong that it has given all sorts of advices, “do not leave dogs in pet boarding it’s a money making business”

Yeah it is a money making business, everyone wants to make money ;) Don’t you?russhel tic story, delhi NCR

The irony of that day is that another news paper (Mid Day) published an article telling all good things about dog boarding

“Wah! It’s a dog life anyway” – Mid Day

This article is about a Gurgaon resident who is turning his 7.5 acre farm into a dog resort, another money making business :D; And I would say why not money- booming pet industry, people will not wait to capture the opportunity.


Well, what a responsible media! One news paper says not to keep dogs @ dog boarding, another  talks about all the good things about dog boarding. What happens to the reader? As a lay man I don’t know what to do, Shall I leave my dog to dog boarding or not?

alfa 11, dog boarding delhi, wah its a dog life 

Third Eye opinion for Dog Boardings:

I am keeping dogs from almost 25 years now, and about couple of years back the dog business/ dog world was completely different, not as many pet shops, no pet boarding, no grooming parlor for dogs. Best was no such media to confuse ;).

I learned by experience and by reading, talking to people, visiting kennels, attending workshops and today I am proud to say that I am a responsible dog owner and not even a vet can misguide me in dog keeping.

Dog owner’s limited knowledge,  leads to bad experiences of pet related services. If I have to settle my dog in a dog boarding I will go and see the facility myself before leaving my dog there. If the dog boarding owner does not show me the place (or farm in case above) I will never ever leave my dog with them.

So here comes a list of do’s and don’ts of Dog Boarding and Dog keeping:

  • Always talk to the pet trader or dog boarding owner in detail, leave your dog only if you have confidence.
  • Always visit the Dog boarding before leaving your dog there.
  • Very important:Check for reviews using internet or your offline dog loving social network
  • Good pet boarding should declare ratio of attendant vs number of dogs
  • Dog boarding should ask you to fill a form and declare dog habits, vet, local contacts etc.  
  • And above all dog owner should be a thorough reader, and should know the pet in and out, if dog keeping is your hobby then grow it!


Hey Rana, thanks a ton for putting this article up. I am noi a new dog-owner but not an expert either. Especially when its comes to keeping my pets in a kennel. Last 4 years..my entire family has not taken a vacation together coz we didnt want to leave our pets in a kennel...unbelievable..isnt it. This time i have some confidence after reading your article regarding Alfa-11. I need your honest opinion...if you have no choice and need to leave your pets (read kids) in a kennel for 4-5 days...personally which one would you opt for? I am counting on your judgement and expertise. Thank you for making our (pet-owners) life a lot better than before!!

By: Subhajit | 15 Dec 2008

Hi! I am into pet Boarding myself since last 6 yrs & I keep all the dogs in my house. Yes it is a good money making business but a lot of hard work too. If you have a nervous client then no sleep,food for you, & if it falls ill due to stress then a lot of visits to the doctor too. Yes you make money but at times it puts your dedication to test. I can only say that only a very dedicated dog lover can make a good pet boarder. All the cleaning of poops & pees & vomits & yes at times ticks & flees really makes all the money you earn feel very less compared to your hard work.
I used to tell my clients to clean their dogs but once in a while I would get a dog covered in flees & ticks & then it would pass on to all the other dogs so me & my whole family & my maid would start our antitick baths & cleaning & ofcourse openly apologising to all the clients about the problem but trying to clear it atleast 90%.
It is a lovely profession & I simply love it & would never change it ever

By: Ashvina.D.Bativala | 17 Aug 2009

Hi - There are good/great boarding places and some downright bad. Dog owners need to investigate before leaving their dogs there. On the other hand I've come across cases of dog owners abandoning their dogs in a boarding kennel. Ask for 1-2 weeks boarding, pay the advance and never show up or answer the boarding kennel owners calls. And a few such dogs and the boarding kennel's business goes for a toss.

By: Raghu | 31 May 2010

Every business has its -ve &+ve sides. I do petsitting from my home as mentioned in my above comment (17th Aug 2009). I tell all my clients to first come & visit me, some do come but some make stupid excuse that my place is too far away so they will directly leave their pet. As I have two dogs of my own I simply refuse & tell them to look else where as if my dogs & the visiting dogs dont get along then it is pure trouble for everybody. I am very open about my place & insist that they visit & see & check out if all the dogs get along or not & yes I insist that they write down every detail about their dog. Mostly these clients forget & at the last minute tell me what to give the dog & then I have to grop in the dark & judge what & how much the dog eats.
It is not always that the petsitter is in thevwrong even the owner are very careless & assume that since they are paying us we will handle everything even removing their ticks & flees. Well let me tell you it is very difficult to handle a frightened dog as out of panic he could bite you & that would be very painfull or after the dog comes to you, you find out that the dog has food aggression & your family dog gets attacked for no fault of hers but the stupid dog owners fault as he conveniently forgot to let you know.
So you see it goes both ways. If you want your dog to be safe & happy then be a responsible owner & le the boarder know every minute details about your dog.

By: Ashvina.D.Bativala | 01 Jun 2010

Hi... I wanna know.. is there any good pet sitter in delhi... who wud luk after my dog for 6 to 8 hrs once a week...?

By: priyanka | 04 May 2011

@Priyanka Try contacting Vizal www.dogspot.in she may help you

By: Rana Atheya | 04 May 2011

sry www.petspot.in

By: Rana Atheya | 04 May 2011

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