Gundog Group Dog Breed

Gundogs as the name suggests were dogs that were bred to assist hunters in retrieving game birds for the hunters. They were given the characteristic soft mouth and are not averse to the sound of the gun start, a common feature when hunting starts. The Gundogs are divided into three broad categories; these include Retrievers, Flushing and Pointing Breeds.

The retrievers were specially bred and include dogs that were mostly bred for waterfowl hunting. This breed was especially created to retrieve the hunt from land and sea. They still retain this trait and are still considered one of the best pets when it comes to retrieving or fetching a ball.

The other category includes Pointers and Setters; this is another breed, which was bred specifically for hunting. In this as the name suggest the dog will point to the bird and assist the hunter with the direction or will just go round in circles to look to intimidate the hunter of his or her hunt.

The last of the categories include flushing dogs, which has spaniels and retrievers. These dogs were mostly used by the hunter, when they were hunting for birds that run away from the hunter. These dogs do not give time to the bird to move around.