Pastoral Group Dog Breed

The pastoral group as the name suggests is generally referred for dogs that have herding instincts. This is especially for breeds that were bred to keep the livestock together or just to save them from predators. The word pastoral is an adjective that has been used for shepherds who travelled across fields with their livestock in tandem.

The pastoral group include breeds that had been bred especially to guard the cattle, sheep, reindeer and other farm animals. There are some breeds that still retain that trait and are known to even herd human at times especially small children that they are protective about.

Most of the pastoral dogs have been given a double coat, which allows them to work in varied weather though this requires a little extra grooming as pets. These dogs have characteristic intelligence and are blessed with abundance energy. So as pets they might need require regular exercise to ensure that their excessive energy has an outlet.

The double coat also gives them the immunity to cater to the harsh weather. There are numerous breed under this category. The oldest breeds include Collie family, Old English Sheepdogs and Samoyeds who have been known for herding reindeers for many centuries.