Poodle (Standard)

Poodle (Standard)

Get a Foo Foo for your home

21-24 Inches*

Poodle (Standard)

In Kg*

In Germany is breed was called the Pudelhund, which was similar to the English word ‘Puddle’, this meant to splash about and the Hund in German means dog. This went well with the these dog’s because of their basic instinct to retrieve objects from water. 

  • Size
  • Efforts
  • Shedding
  • Large
  • Regular Grooming & Regular Exercise
  • Negligible Hair Everywhere
  • Monthly keeping cost
    • Premium*
    • Standard*
  • Rupee8,000
  • Rupee2,500

Poodle (Standard) Dog Breed Information

  • 13 to 14 years
  • Extravagant *
  • Star Superstar
  • Rare Easy to get

Which is the first thing that flashes to your mind when we say a poodle, for most of us it means a prim and proper looking dog, which can be seen on the streets Paris maybe.  There are a lot of people who believe that this breed originated in Paris but contrary to many beliefs this breed was developed in Germany.  The Poodle comes in three different sizes, this is the only dog in the dog kingdom that comes in three sizes i.e. standard, miniature and toy. The only differentiating factor in the three is their size everything else remains the same. Caniche is a fantastic dog to keep at home. They are even temperament and make great family pets.

Poodles are considered to be the next most intelligent breeds in the dog world and lag only behind the Border Collie, these fantastic dogs can be perfect pet to perform various tricks. So they can be not only shows offs in term of looks but can be a show off when it comes to training for tricks also. The ease that you get in training is more or less covered when it comes to grooming these dogs, when it comes to their upkeep then this might be one of the most expensive dog to keep because of its grooming requirements. You can choose to keep any of the sizes i.e from the miniature, toy to the standard.

Our aim in this small write up is to help you understand them better and if you are a prospective buyer then we aim to help you to decide whether this is the perfect breed for you or not.


The Poodle was developed in Germany but was standardized in France; here they were used as a water retriever. This is because of this reason that they are still the national breed of France.

Poodle has been known in Western Europe for over 400 years and has been depicted even in the 15th century paintings. It is believed that this breed was developed from water spaniels and waterdogs though, nobody knows for certain as to who were the ancestors of this majestic breed. This dog was developed to retrieve things from water and even the Poodle clip was developed by hunters to help the dog retrieve efficiently and easily from water.

There is a group of scholars who believe that they are the descendants of the North African Barbet, which was imported from the Iberian Peninsula. It is said that the Standard barbone was the first one to be bred and the toy and the miniature version followed suit.

Unique Aspects

The most unique aspect about your Poodle is that it is perfect pet for all people who suffer from allergies caused from dog dander. This dog can be the perfect hypo allergic dog for such people. Your Poodle does not shed, their hair grows like humans and the inner coat of fur just falls by itself after some time. So there is hardly any dander in your homes that can cause allergies related to pet.   The other thing that makes them different is their intelligence, this is one of the most intelligent breed around.

In fact it ranks second only the Border Collie, this will be the perfect breed to train for tricks and can be the perfect show off when it participating in  dog shows or just to acquaintances. Poodles at times are considered one of the most expensive pets when it comes to their grooming. There are various clips that you can choose from English Saddle clip, European Continental clip, Sporting Clip or the puppy clip. Whatever you choose be prepared that it will be a time consuming affair. 

Fun Trivia

Poodles are a fancy looking breed that not looks adorable but are highly intelligent as well. So, no wonder that they have caught the fancy of the tinsel town as well be it in featuring in movies or as adorable pets for the celebrities.

 Movie Character

Poodles have been featured in many movies. Here is a small list of movies that have Poodles in considerable role. This includes movies like April in Paris, Look Who’s Talking, Edward Scissorhands, Best in Show, Babe, Pig in the City, Hulk, Heartbeat and Kathleen to name a few.

Celebrity Poodle owners

 The celebrity list is also includes some famous personalities such as Eva Longaria, Rihanna, Kristin Chenoweth, Jessica Simpson, Blake Lively, Molie King are just few of the Hollywood starlets to have a Poodle. Closer home Sheryln Chopra has a standard Poodle.

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group: Utility Dogs

Height: 18-22 Inches

Weight: 20-32 Kg

Life Span: 13 to 14 years

    • This is second most intelligent breed in the dog world
    • Excellent family pets and looks good
    • Generally an active breed but can be inactive indoors
    • One of the most expensive breed when it comes to grooming
    • Not for first time owners
    • Can be a little protective about the family

Poodle (Standard) Maintenance & Effort

  • High
  • No
  • Rare
  • Get a heatstroke Basks in it
  • Need warmth Loves snow
  • Little Lots

Grooming is one of the most time consuming affairs when it comes to keeping a dog. This breed will rake up your bills when it comes to grooming. It needs to be clipped every six to eight weeks, the coat does not shed so it becomes all the more necessary to clip. There are various different clips for the Poodle but most of the owners go for the pet clip, puppy clip or the lamb clip as it is easy to maintain. In this, the coat is cut short all over the body.

The other clips are very popular in the show area, this includes English saddle and the Continent Clip, in this the rear half of the body is shaved and the bracelets are left  around the ankles. The pom poms are left on the tail and hips. Whichever cut you choose just remember that this breed does not shed so a perfect choice for people who get allergic reactions.

The hair is curly and wiry, which is dense all over. This texture has to be trimmed, clipped and shaved into various fanciful shapes. These are high maintenance dogs and will need bath more often when compared to the other breeds. If you cannot use a clipper or blade then you can always choose the services of professional groomers.

Poodles have weepy eyes that can stain the hair under the eyes; you need to wipe around the eyes and face every day with an alcohol free wipe. In addition to this you will need to follow a regular grooming regime with your pet that is brushing the teeth of your Poodle, this should be done at least once on a  weekly basis as this will help to remove all tartar buildup and ensure a fresh breath at all times. This will also prevent various gum diseases.  

The toe nails will require clipping on regular basis to prevent any problems further as dog nails have veins in them and if it gets chipped then it can be very painful for your pet. You should always start this grooming regime in your pet from an early age as this will ensure that he is not temperamental when someone touches his or her feet, mouth or ear at a later stage.

Poodle (Standard) Hair & Coat

  • No
  • Black/Brown/Grey/White
  • Curly and profuse
  • Short Flowing
  • Sparse Dense

Poodle (Standard) Health & Care

  • Rare
  • No
Common Health Issues

Poodles are generally a healthy breed but you have to remember when getting a puppy home that almost all and every breed has a chance of developing genetic disorders and they can also get any of the common diseases. So this not a word of law these are just some of the unfortunate cases that you can encounter with your Poodle at times.

One of the common diseases that you can encounter in your pet is of Legg Calve Perthes disease that reduces the blood supply to the head of the thigh bone; this at times can cause it to be deformed. If your puppy starts to limp at an early age then we advise you to take him or her to a vet soon so that it can be corrected early.

In addition to this they are also sensitive to the Addison disease, in this the adrenal glands do not produce the right amount of hormone cortisol and the dog becomes lethargic and depressed. There are times when he or she can also have digestive issues as well. This will have a lifelong treatment.  

Poodles are also prone to hypothyroidism that is generally caused when there is an inadequate level of thyroid hormone. The symptoms will include weight gain, hair loss and excessive hunger, this can be generally corrected with thyroid hormone supplements.

Poodle (Standard) Behavior

  • No
  • High
  • Snappy Patient
  • Prefer Adults Nanny
  • Aloof Best Buddy
  • Poor Excellent
  • Headstrong Obedient
  • Moody Always Ready
  • Mute Woofer
  • Intolerant Best Buddies
  • Intolerant Best Buddies
  • Carefree Doting
  • Couch Potato Energy Bundle

The standard Poodle is an even temperament dog that is good natured and cheerful. They are great with children as well as adults and make perfect pets for the family. This is one of the most trainable breeds around, so you can teach them to do almost anything the way you want.  Standard Poodle is quieter dog when compared to its other two counterparts; the miniature and the toy. They even have a lower energy when compared to those two. 

Poodles have been known for having a distinction, an air about them but that is something that comes with the looks and intelligence of the breed. It seems like the breed already knows it. Contrary to the looks the Poodle has a goofy character and loves to play with the family members. It is fond of human companionship and is always ready to please. This makes them one of the most trainable breeds around.

The Poodle can be protective about the family and if there are any strangers around the house, they will let you know, they can at times come a little aloof towards strangers but in general is a very warm breed. Many people feel that Poodles are a fragile breed because of their stature and the cut of the hair but if you are a prospective owner then you must know that this by no means is a fragile breed. They are on the contrary a very hardy breed that assisted hunters to retrieve water fowls.


The standard Poodle is an active breed and will need its share of walks and run to retain its health. Though, you have to remember that they are pretty inactive indoors. They are adaptable to apartment and condominium as well. The small yard will be more than enough for this breed.

Poodles are excellent companions for all children; they have an even temperament and are not known to snap. All said it is advisable to socialize the children with the pet early to ensure that there are not any unpleasant circumstances later in life with the children.  

They are good with other pets in the house provided you acclimatize them with each other early. If you are introducing another pet to the family a little later then they might take time to accept a newcomer into the family and at times can even need special training for the same purpose.

Training & Intelligence

There is the only one breed that can beat your Poodle when it comes to intelligence. These dogs are highly trainable and they can even make a novice trainer look like an experienced one. Poodles are good to catch  various commands and just need a little praise and at times treats to help them perform all the tricks that you want. These breeds are natural learners and will not trouble you much.

This is a great tricks dog and will love to perform various tricks once you tell them what to do. Poodles can be perfect for various agility courses and will be the gold star pupil in most of the training sessions.

Your Poodle has a reputation of being a dainty and fragile breed but on the contrary this breed needs its regular exercise. The Standard Poodle is not a house dog; they will need their share of exercise such as a run or a long walk. This will ensure physical and mental stimulation for the breed and ensure that they take to learning faster. If not exercised properly they can easily become destructive.

Poodle (Standard) Breeding

  • 4 to 6 puppies (approximately)
  • No

Poodles are generally a healthy breed and even their breeding does not have many complications attached. The only thing you have to think about is giving the adorable puppies up for sale or adoption. An average male and female Poodle attains sexual maturity anywhere between six to nine months of age. Though your pet is still very young to breed .

A dog takes around 18 months to reach his or her full height and structure. It is advisable to breed your dogs after at least two years of age. If you are a first timer at breeding then taking a vets help is advisable. You just sit back and enjoy the company of four to six adorable little puppies. An average litter size of the breed. Your Poodle come in a variety of colors but the most common colors include apricot, black, blue, brown, cream, grey, red and white. You can also get a combination of the colors. You can get all the colors in the same litter irrespective of the color of the parents.


Poodle puppies look adorable with their dainty walk and the up nose attitude.  The puppies are generally kept in a puppy cut to ensure easy grooming. As puppies also they are lively and will keep you on your toes at all times. They are a bundle of energy and will fare well when you give them regular exercise.

They would always like to please their owners and want some work at all times. When you bring home this little bundle of joy always remember that it will be super active dog. Be ready to run around this little pooch all during the day. The first thing that you will fall in love with is its the hair. This is an intelligent breed so housetraining them will not be too difficult, though it is advisable to start with the crate training. You just have to ensure that the puppy should see the crate as a comfortable home and not as a punishment.

Poodle (Standard) Appearance

  • No
  • Straight
  • Almond
  • Folded
  • Scissor
  • Atheletic Stuff Toy
  • Handsome Awe

The Standard Poodle looks great with any clip cut and is hypo allergic for people who suffer from allergies. The Poodle has a deep chest with short back and muscular lions. The head is lean and well chiseled and is always carried high. The coat is firm in texture and has a characteristic curl to it.

The forelegs and hind legs are straight and muscular with a good coat covering. Poodle has small and compact feet along with well arched toes and ample pads. This is accompanied by dark nails. The ears are wide and are set low. They hang down very close the face. There is a lot of feathering near the ears. The eyes are almond shaped and dark. These are mostly set wide apart and these are naturally intelligent dog shows it in its eyes. They spell intelligence and playfulness. The eyes are almond shaped and  dark, this is set wide. They have flat cheeks and tight fitting lips.

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