Terrier Group Dog Breed

Terrier group dogs have a distinctive personality. These are feisty and energetic breed dogs that mostly range from the toy to the medium category with the exception of a few though such as the Airdale Terrier. The terrier group draws its name from the Latin word Terra, which stands for earth. This feisty breed was bred to chase, they were bred to go underground and hunt for vermins and the larger rodents as well.

They are no longer used for that purpose today and mostly stay as affectionate pets within the house though this group still maintains the characteristic of digging of the ground till date. In fact if you leave them alone in a yard then they are capable of completely digging through your yard. Terriers have very low tolerance for other animals and will not fare well with other pets especially smaller animals. Most of the Terriers have a characteristic wiry coat that needs to stripped to maintain their natural appearance.

Terrier group dogs look great and are high energy dogs but they are not for the first time owners as most of them can be quiet handful. They not great with small children as well as they can be snappy at times.

The smaller breed Terriers have been used to create various designer dogs as well, though many kennel clubs do not recognize this small toy designer.