Toy Group Dog Breed

The name of the group is self-explanatory; it belongs to all the toy breeds. These dogs were not bred to do something; most of them were developed to be companions to humans.  The dogs in this group do not have specific skills that set them apart. Some of the famous names in this category include the Chihuahua, Pug and the Pomeranian.

Most of the dogs in this group were bred centuries ago but their prime focus and employment have been as human companions. They were even used as lap dogs may a times by the royalty. As of today they have taken the place of adorable pets in the household as they do not need much room to move around in the house.

This group can be snappy and mostly not considered to be the ideal pets with young children. There are a few breeds that can be fierce watchdogs and even do well with training. There are times when some breeds are referred as a teacup size but this is not a category and is not even recognized by most of the prestigious and renowned kennels clubs over the world.