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Dog Cleaner - Tips to Choose a Good One

03 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com

Your dog is your absolute favorite in the entire world, isn’t he? You are more or less like a parent to him and you want to give him the best of everything. You want to take good care of him and keep him happy so that he is healthy and safe.

Most people take a lot of attention in buying safe and healthy food and ensuring that their dogs have clean water to drink. But, is that it? Is that all that you need to make sure your dog is healthy? The answer is no. Adopting a dog involves a lot more than just feeding him and pampering him. You have to ensure that he is clean too. Giving him a bath every now and then is not enough. You have to go the extra mile just like you would with your own child to keep him clean. You will probably hug him and take him in your lap the first chance you get. Do you really want to pick up a dirty dog even if he is your own? You may not really mind but remember that dirty dogs can breed diseases and those can be transferred to you.

The thing is that dogs get dirty really quickly. They play around in the mud, they roll around, they lie flat on the floor, and they lick themselves, and even go lie down in the bathroom if it pleases them. All these activities render them dirty. This is more of a problem if your dog has a lot of fur. The dust and dirt will literally get incorporated into the coat and that can invite a number of problems and health concerns. An unclean dog will not only fall sick, he will become a carrier of contagious diseases that can harm you, too. Hence, you should take utmost care in ensuring that your dog is pristine clean.

If you look into the world of dog supplies you will find a TON of dog cleaners. Right from ear cleaners to nail clippers, you will find them all. There are also special toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs that you could purchase. A brush is mandatory, of course, because you have to brush his coat everyday. Brushing reduces shedding. Other important items and dog cleaning products include special dog shampoo, conditioners, combs, and so on. While just picking up a product is easy, you shouldn’t do that. All products are not made the same. Some of them are of really low quality and they will only make you waste a lot of money. Another thing is that they may not function properly and items such as nail files and ear cleaners can end up inflicting a lot of pain on your dog. You don’t want that, do you? The whole point of buying a special dog nail file and a special dog ear cleaner is to ensure that your dog does not endure pain. If you buy cheaper products, that point is more or less lost.

There are numerous brands in the market today and there are just as many types of dog cleaners. Your job is to choose the absolute best for your dog. True, it can be confusing to pick the best because you have so many options. But remember that every dog is different and so are his needs. Don’t compare the products that your friend bought for her dog and buy the same ones. You should take some time out, carry out research on your own, and pick out the best. Finding the best could be a little tricky, which is where the Internet comes into the picture. Here are some essential tips to choose the right dog cleaner for your best friend:


When you search for dog cleaner products on DogSpot, you will find numerous different types of products. You will also find kits, which are a sensible choice. But remember that you should start off with research. Check the products or kits that you are interested in and read everything about them. You can also, go through a number of reviews about the brand so that you have an idea about them. Reviews tell you a about the products but you shouldn’t just rely on one review or get disappointed by one bad review. No product will get 100 percent universal acceptance, and that is fact. Thus, you should give the brand a fair chance and read a few reviews to find out about it. Another way to go about it is to consult an expert: you can check with the website or your vet

Choose only reputed brands

A reputed brand will have a professional website and will offer great customer care services. The brand will ensure that your queries are answered promptly and that you don’t have any problems at any step. All the products will be backed by a money-back warranty of 100% satisfaction warranty or an exchange policy so that you keep the product only if you are satisfied or return it.

If you find that the company is not being open to you and the products are fishy, you should ignore the brand and choose another one.

Go Natural

Buying natural is another option. If you are worried that you might harm your dog with chemicals, you could always choose natural products. These include tea tree oil cleaner, oatmeal cleaner, and so on.

Compare prices

You surely don’t want to go with the most expensive products. Thus, you should compare products from different brands once you are satisfied with them. Some brands are really good but inexpensive. A little research will help you find such dog cleaner products. Go on, do some research and you will be able to save some money.

Tip: Some Online Pet Shop websites offer free shipping! You can save a lot of money by choosing one of these websites.

Here is more information about using the various dog cleaning products:

Ø  The Dog Ear Cleaner: Dog cleaners are usually liquid. You can use them directly by placing a few drops in the dog’s ears or you could place a few drops on a cotton ball and rub the cotton ball gently in your dog’s ears so that they are clean. Be very gentle so that you don’t irritate your dog.

Ø  The Dog Shampoo: Use it like you would on yourself but be very careful with it. Don’t let the shampoo get into his eyes or nose because that can cause a fair bit of irritation and harm to your dog.

Ø  The Dog Nail Clipper: Special clippers for dogs are manufactured because you can’t use the nail clippers designed for human nails. The difference between human nails and dog nails is evident. If you use a human clipper to file his nails, you will hurt him. Hold his paw gently and then cut his nail very slowly. Pet him gently once you are done and give him a treat. You are done!

Ø  The Dog Brush: For a healthy coat you should ensure that you brush your dog everyday. Make him sit with you and gently brush him. Don’t be too harsh; that will hurt him. He might fuss in the beginning but after a while he will quiet down.

Now that you know how to buy the right dog cleaner products, go ahead and make the right choice!

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