Choose Dog Collar and Leashes Wisely to Provide Comfort to Your Pooch

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A dog collar for your pet is not just an essential accessory but also a matter of ‘style statement’ for your pet.  A dog collar helps you in cases of emergency when you have to grab him quickly.  

You can find several types of dog collars in market now-a-days. All of them have one common function – helping your dog walk obediently by your side.

How to choose the right collar for your pooch?  

Here is some information regarding different types of collars, leashes and their uses:

 What to consider while choosing a dog collar?

Fit: A dog collar has to properly fit a dog’s neck. If you are looking for a dog collar for your pooch, there are several options available in market. These collars are designed to serve different purposes in training your dog. If you have a well trained dog, which walks on leash, you will not need a choke collar. A choke collar tightens the neck of dogs when they try to pull away while walking. Choose a collar which fits snugly around the neck of your dog. dog collar has to solve the basic purpose of keeping your dog restrained. While it is true that in their natural habitat, animals would not like to be restrained but as necessitated by domestic requirements, enforcing control becomes mandatory. 

What we can ensure as dog owners is that the collar around the neck of our pet progressively becomes a part of his body. Contrary to what we may think a loosely fitting collar may not always comfort your dog. In addition to running the risk of letting your pet loose inadvertently a loose collar also degrades the chances of your pet making restraint a part of his everyday life. Therefore a collar must fit appropriately.

Material: Dog collars are available in wide variety of materials- nylons, rubbers, leathers and metals. Leather and nylon collars are durable, comfortable and perfect for everyday use. Now-a-days you can get designer collars in different colors for your pooch. You can also buy jeweled studded collars for your pooch.

Leather collars combine the stability and versatility of nylon collars, with more conventional and long-wearing look. Leather collars also come with studded spikes and in different colors. However, you must not choose leather dog collar if your dog spends lot of time in saltwater. Leather collars also degrade in humid environmental conditions. However, they provide a style statement unmatched by other collar materials. Their up market image comes at a distinct premium.

If it is real leather piece, your dog’s collar may put you back by anything between Rs 500 to 5000.  But unlike other materials the overall cost of ownership of a leather accessory is significantly low because they stay on for a long time. Even when old and worn, leather never fails to maintain its distinctive appeal.  Metal collars work best when you are training your dog for discipline. Teaching discipline to your dog varies from not pulling when walking on leash to obeying simple & complex commands communicated through a tug in the leash.

Types of Dog Collars:

Chain slip collars: Also known as choke collars, these are mainly used for training purpose. Choke collars are used to command dogs using ‘jerk and praise’ training method. In this, the chain is given tug by the trainer when dog does not obey him. Many of us are afraid to use choke chains as we think these can cause injuries to neck and back of pets. However the truth is that any training tool can cause trauma or injury to your dog, if it is not used in a proper way. Choke chain if properly used is a great tool for restraint training your dog. The choke chains are also categorized on the basis of weight and width of the links. The heavier chain the less smooth is its sliding. If your dog is a long-haired, use wide choker chains to avoid pulling out hair around his neck.

Note: Choker chains should not be used on puppies.

Buckle collars: Also known as flat collars, these are made of nylon or leather with a buckle.

Break away collars: These are quick-release collar which unfasten if pulled strongly. These collars do not unfasten when attached with a leash.

Metal prong or pinch collars: These are similar to choke collars but safer. These are used when dogs pull on leash. The prongs may wear and the spring may open sometimes, so it should be worn with a back-up collar hooked to the leash. Pinch collars are not meant to be used when your pooch is still in his puppy stage.

Dog show collars: Usually made of cotton, leather, braided nylon, or hex metal chain. These are used in the conformation show ring for toy dogs.

Martingale collars: Martingales are same as slip collars but they do not have buckle. They slide over dog’s head and a piece of plastic tube is slid down to the desired restraint. These collars are used to show toy dogs in conformation.

Harnesses: Dog Harnesses are used to restrain dogs from pulling when on leash. Most importantly they distribute the weight to enable the dog to pull many times his own body weight.

Different dogs need different collars according to their age and purpose. Before buying a dog collar for your pooch, consult with an experienced dog trainer.

Choosing a leash for your dog

Leashe is one of the important tools used for training your dog.  Coupled with a dog collar, leash plays an important role in building a cordial relationship with your dog. You can find varieties of leashes in market now-a-days ranging from cutely crafted delicate ones to strong and versatile ones for restraint training. These leashes may also vary in length and sizes. If your dog is bigger in size, you must buy a wider leash.

How to choose a leash for your pooch?

One should choose a leash which is appropriate for the age of the dog.  During the chewable stage of your dog, it is best to buy a material which is not leather or fabric. He can chew away the leash easily. You must buy a leash which can be easily handled by you while walking your dog.

Leash material – How to choose the best leash material for your pooch?

Nylon leashes are ideal if you want to go for low-budget and all-weather leashes. Leather leashes can also be used in any weather conditions provided you maintain them properly. Nylon leashes do not stretch while leather leashes do stretch as leather is naturally tensile in nature. Leather leashes always have better appeal than any other type of leashes.

Leash along with a correct fit collar is required to teach your dog walk properly with you and most importantly to keep him safe. Hence it is important for you to choose a correct fit collar along with a good quality  leash which solves both the purposes.    

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