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Dog Crates for Every Need

07 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

For some Dog Crates can be synonymous to punishment but there are quite a few who believe that it is important to crate train puppies. It not only teaches them discipline but gives them a sense of security and belonging.

Dog crates are an enclosure made up of metal, plastic or fabric and are used for security or transportation. Experts say that since dogs are den dwelling animals they consider the crate as their area which proves to be a substitute for the den. But it is not easy for the dog to get used to such a drastic change. It takes time and yes at times it can be difficult for you as well as for the pet, so be strong and be patient. Initially the dog may feel restricted and distressed and voice his discomfort, but by proper training they would understand that the crate is not a punishment.

Some reasons to use a dog crate –

·         To toilet train new puppies

·         To take them on a journey, car ride or even a long flight

·         To take them to a dog show

·         To give the dog a proper place when you have guests coming over

·         Gives them a shelter during festivals like Diwali when the dog is traumatized by the noise

Various types of Dog Crates –

Metal crates : These can either be fixed or folding. The main advantage of using crates made up of metals like aluminium is that they are sturdy so even the naughty ones can do no harm to their crate. They don’t rust, come in various sizes so there is no problem of space and the best part it provides excellent airflow.

Plastic crates : These are good food travelling as compared to other varieties. The main disadvantage that comes attached is that these cannot be folded thus take up a lot of space. Looks wise these are quite pretty and provide ample space for the pet. The airflow is also quite good and can be easily cleaned.

Soft crates : Soft crates are made up of fabric and give the dog a much higher sense of security. The airflow is low and so is the visibility. Since they are light weight and easy to fold, they are handy in comparison to the other varieties. But if your pet is the naughty one who loves to chew on any and everything you might just want to avoid this one. Also it is difficult to clean soft crates and cages.

Choosing the right dog crate –

Reason for buying: You need to very specific about the reason for which you are buying the crate. The crate meant just for the purpose of transportation would differ from the one that has to be used for crate training. A crate/ cage for home can be larger than the one for travelling. Online Dog Crate

Size: The size of the crate and the size of the puppy should be in synch. The large breed puppies grow rather fast so be sure you buy a slightly bigger crate in the beginning itself. The dog should not feel cramped, there should be ample space even if they want to lie down or stretch. Crates that are too small can be dangerous; air flow can be blocked. And if the crate is too big the dog might poop at one end and sleep on the other which would totally defeat the purpose of the crate, so it is important to get just the right size.

Golden Rule : the dog crate should be big enough for the pooch to stand, turn around and lie down.

Training –

Crate training is a process wherein the pet is taught to get familiar with the crate or the cage. It should ideally begin at a very early stage so that the puppy develops a habit of being in the crate. Puppies generally don’t soil their place of sleeping and that is the main purpose of crate training. And that’s what the purpose of crate training is, to teach them not to eliminate when they are confined. When we confine the puppy in an enclosed area, it inhibits their tendency to urinate or defecate. The main point to be noted is that since the puppy would not be able to control its bladder for long, it is advised that you take them out at frequent intervals. Most people believe that if the dog is in the crate it must some sort of punishment.

But with little effort and lots of love crate training can be fun. You can start by placing their favourite toy in the crate, rewarding them with treats for staying inside, keeping a piece of your clothing like shirt etc. to give them that feeling that yes, we are around you. You can also feed the pet in the crate, use the crate in their playing session and generally just talk to them about how the crate training would help. Trust me they understand when you talk to them about something, and if you want a proof rush to your pet after reading this article and talk to them about a serious topic, I am sure you would get to know what I am trying to explain.

Minutes would turn into hours, and even if the transition is slow the result would be fruitful if it is done with compassion and commitment.

While the pet is in the crate, it is normal that you would not feel good about it. But make sure that you act normally in front of them. Be relaxed and never show any signs of restlessness, you know your pooch is a superman and he would be able to guess it. You can have the crate in your room so that it is easier for you and the li’l one.

Pros and Cons –


 Confinement gives them a sense of safety and comfort.

 It trains them which is beneficial in the long run.

 It becomes easy to manage them while transportation.

 Repeated exposure to the crate would make them aware that this place is for their good and not a punishment.


As they excess of everything is bad, don’t overdo it because this would just be causing stress and  anxiety in your beloved pooch.

Confining them for long hours would make them aggressive and emotionally weak.

It may also have a negative effect on their behaviour.

The crate may prove to be a hindrance between the bond of love and affection that you would share with your pet.

So now that you know the tips to crate train that special new member of the family I am sure I would be easier for you. Don’t forget those words of encouragement after the session, after all, all we need is lots of love and lots of doggies…

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Saurabh Monga
Well done :)

By: Saurabh Monga | 10 Apr 2013

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