Dog Fleas How to Tackle Them

04 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Your dog is definitely your favorite! You do everything you can to keep him happy and healthy, and away from pain. Of course you don’t want him to experience even a little pain. But there are some things that you can’t control.

As long as your dog is at home, he is safe. But that does not mean that you keep him locked inside. You will obviously let him out and you simply can’t control what he does outside. He will play around in the park, he will even roll in the grass, he might get tired and sit in odd places, and so on. As a result, he ends up picking up fleas! Well, that is not it. He may even end up with fleas from your own carpet or his bedding! The worse part is that dog life cycle goes undetected until they actually mature and attack your dog.

Flea infestation is the one, absolutely worst thing that can happen to your dog. When fleas infest, your dog enters a world of pain. He is subjected to inflammation and itching all over his body. That makes him very irritated and ferocious. Even the calmest dogs tend to get really cranky when fleas infest them and they can attack you if you try going to close to them.

If you find your dog scratching continuously, whining and even barking out in pain, and hiding under the bed or under the table, know that these are signs of flea infestation and that you should do everything you can in order to make him feel comfortable so that he first lets you approach him. Once that is accomplished, taking him to the vet or applying a flea product can be easier for you. You have to get him to trust you. You should make sure you let him know that you will not hurt him and you are attempting to rid him of his pain. That might take time but that is very important.

Getting Rid of the Dreadful Fleas

When you look around and search for flea products, you will find numerous different choices to pick from. However, picking the right one is not enough. It is definitely important but along with that you should know to use it. That is even more important. For example, if you buy flea powder and use it wrong, the whole purpose will be lost and you’ll probably end up hurting your dog further.

Your approach should be diligent and systematic. You should also know how to best get rid of fleas without putting your dog through even more misery!

Choosing the Right Products

You have to be very careful while making a choice because there a number of choices available. Some of them are really not good enough. They have harmful chemicals and you could end up harming your dog and increasing the irritation for worse. If the irritation increases, your dog will become more frustrated and angry. Getting him to come closer will be nothing short of Herculean Task after that. Be gentle in your approach at all times and choose only the best products to get rid of the flea infestation.

Listed below are some of the dog flea products that you could use:

Ø  Dog Flea Collar: Make him wear this collar and that is it. The collar will work to eradicate all the fleas and reduce your dog’s plight. Make sure you buy only good brands such as Kiltix so as to ensure safety of the dog. Don’t buy cheaper brands because they might contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals can be toxic to dogs.

Ø  Dog Flea Comb: You could also use a good dog flea comb to get rid of the flea. Buy one that not just helps you get rid of the fleas but also promotes hair regrowth. If you can find one with rounded pins, that’d be great. Rounded pins will ensure that your dog is comfortable with the comb. You should use a comb only when the coat is completely dry. Start from the face down to the back. Please keep that in mind. Also, Keep a bowl of water with dish soap mixed in it. After a few strokes, you should expel all the fleas caught in the comb into this bowl. Flea Comb for Dogs Karlie is a good option to choose.

Ø  Dog Flea Medicines: There are many dog medicines that you could use for your dog. One good example is the Savapet Fiprofort Plus Spot On product. There are different packs for different dogs. You could choose according to your requirements. For example, you will find these drugs for small dogs, medium dogs,large dogs and extra large dogs. Be careful while using the medicine for your dog.

Ø  Dog Flea Sprays: Sprays are very easy to use and they are effective too. Make sure you don’t spray on your dog’s mouth. Spray it only on his coat and that will do. Some popular brands of dog flea sprays include Fixotic Dog Fleas & Ticks Aerosol Spray, Freedom Tick and Flea Spray, Protektor Dog Flea and Tick Remover, Flick Out Treatment Spray for Scientific Remedies, and so on.

Ø  Dog Flea Soaps and Shampoos: There are many different soaps and shampoos for you to use in order to remove all the fleas but you should be careful to choose the right ones. Some may be very invasive and could irritate your dog. Good soaps include Scabovate Anti Tick-Flea Dog Soap. Good shampoos include Tikfite Anti Tick Dog Shampoo.

Ø  Dog Flea Powder: When you apply the powder, make sure the coat is dry and make sure you only apply it in areas that your dog can’t reach. Otherwise, your dog might end up licking it and ingesting the chemicals, causing problems. K9 Bact Dog Powder With Deodorant, Frontline Plus, Tikfite, etc. are some options for you to explore.

Ø  Dog Flea Forceps: You will find good forceps such as Tick Away Forceps Karlie that you could use in order to get rid of the irritating flea infestation.


Thus, you have to be very patient with your dog. You have to understand that he is in a lot of pain. You should let him know that you are there for him and you should take it upon yourself to rid him of his pain in the most effective way possible.

Choose the right products for him so that he is free from his pain soon. An ideal thing would be to have a dog flea shampoo or medicines beforehand so that you attend to your dog immediately. You never know when something may befall your dog. On your part, you should be careful and prepared!

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