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Dog Grooming Steps an Inside Perspective

05 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

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Grooming a dog can be a lot of fun once you get started. Your dog may be fussy in the beginning, hating it whenever you attack him with a comb or a nail clipper but it is all about your approach. You should be gentle each time and very patient, too. Imagine how you’d feel if you were attacked with some weird looking instrument that you know nothing about every now and then. You’d feel strange and you’d even feel like you were being harmed!

You should realize the fact that your dog doesn’t know you mean well. This is why you should be gentle and nice to your dog, letting him know that this is not punishment. It is likely that he will get scared and think that he is being punished for being bad. By being nice to him every time you groom him, you should be nice and coaxing. Keep speaking to him in a soothing tone so that he knows that it is not a punishment at all. Being nice always helps, doesn’t it?

Importance of Dog Grooming

Many dog owners fail to understand the importance of grooming and thus, don’t bother with it. Others think that bathing the dog is enough. Both notions are wrong. Bathing the dog is just step one of the grooming process. Put yourself in your dog’s place and think if bathing suffices. Of course not. You have to brush his hair and clip his nails and brush his teeth and so on.

If you don’t groom your dog, he will invite a number of bacteria, fungi, and parasites. They will infest your dog and the diseases will pass onto you, too. As a result, your dog and you will be in a lot of pain. Overgrown nails, dirty teeth, dirty ears, and so on must be cleaned promptly before they become the breeding grounds of serious infections.

You can take the aid of a number of good dog grooming products to do this job. Make sure you buy the best ones so that grooming is easier and not taxing. The wrong products can make things worse for you, for sure. Think twice before buying the products, thus.

Dog Grooming Steps

First and foremost, bring out your dog grooming kit. Yes, having a dog grooming kit is a good idea. Place all his grooming equipment in one place so that you don’t misplace it. Put everything in a storage bag and store it in a safe place. Retrieving it whenever needed will be easier.

Now sit your dog down beside you and start the grooming process.

Brushing his coat: For brushing his coat use a good wooden hair brush or a double sided hair brush based on your choice and start brushing from the neck region. Brush gently and proceed backwards. From the neck, go down to his belly, and then to his tail. Make sure you do it gently so that your dog does not freak out. Once you are done with the entire process, pat him, and praise him for being good. Give him a treat or two and he will learn that he did a good thing by staying still.

Ear Care: You have to be very careful when you are cleaning his ears. Make sure you use a good cleanser such as Epitopic Dog Ear Cleanser to clean his ears. If your dog has infected ears, use a cleaner that has been formulated to clean out the infection such as the Dog Calm Ear Drops. Once you place the drops inside, clear out the wax with an ear bud very gently. Your dog may be irritated at first because of the odd sensation in his ear but keep talking to him soothingly so that he does not react suddenly.

Dental Care: You can either buy special toothpaste for your dog or you could simply use a mouth freshener. Make sure you choose the right products, which contain no harmful ingredients. There are also mouth freshener sprays for you to choose from. Again, be gentle and be nice to your dog. You also need a good pet toothbrush. You should brush your dog’s teeth at least thrice a week. That is every alternate day. If he absolutely hates the brushing process, go with the spray and mouth fresheners.

Nail care: You should pay special attention to his nails because nails left unattended can breed bacteria and invite a number of infections. Choose good nail clippers that are easy to use and will not put your dog through any pain. The nails of some dogs grow very quickly and you might need to clip them every week. Check the growth of your dog’s nails regularly and do what is needed. Don’t apply much pressure while using the clipper because that can hurt your dog and even cause bleeding.

Now is the right time to bathe your dog. Call him into the bathroom and place him in his tub or the bathing area. If your dog doesn’t like the sound of running water, fill the bucket or tub beforehand and then call him in. Remove his collar and if needed, make him wear another collar that will not stain his coat. Remove the collar immediately after the bath and don’t make him wear his regular collar until he is completely dry. Start bathing him. Do it gently but firmly. Some dogs simply hate water and you may have to work extra hard but you should be patient.

Use a good dog shampoo or soap for him. Start from his neck and go down. Work the shampoo in properly and be extremely careful when you come to the head region. Don’t apply shampoo or soap near his eyes, ears, and nose.

Once you are done, rinse him thoroughly. You should make absolutely sure that there is no shampoo left in his coat. Any traces can cause itchy and red skin. If your dog has a short coat, your job is done. You can leave him to dry naturally. If he has long coat though, use a good blow dryer designed specifically for pets so that it does a good job. If your dog has curly coat, you have to be even more careful and thorough.

One thing to keep in mind while blow-drying is to keep the dryer on a cool setting only. Hot setting can dry his skin out.

As aforementioned, be nice and buy the right Grooming products for your dog so that he is clean and healthy. Take some time out at least once a week for the entire grooming process.

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