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Dog Keeping Etiquettes

13 Mar 2008 | by | Posted in: Training

Vancouver is a peaceful city, one of the most relaxed of places that I’ve traveled to. People love their morning walks, go about their daily chores, and shut shop, by 8:00 pm.
But what struck most in this peaceful little city, is their love of dogs. It seemed like almost everybody had dogs, and dog etiquettes, well, this was the place to learn.

Shitty Business:

One of the biggest problems while taking dogs out for a walk is that you can’t always carry a potty picker around, and where to drop is also a major concern. Not in Vancouver. There are dustbins all around, even in parks, and a very encouraging message, “If you don’t clean, fine up to CA$2000.” I noticed people carrying certain kind (some kind of plastic maybe) of tissues in their back pockets, and cleaning up after the deed.

Play Areas:

Then there are leash free areas in Vancouver.  Dogs are set free to go play, fetch the ball, while their owners relax in a bench, basking under the winter sun. I envy Canada for all the space it has. Wish some land was left in Indian cities too, without being gobbled up by real estate developers.
Day Boarding:

Pet Shops double up as day boarding centers. I visited one, The Urban Puppy Shop, and the staff was very helpful... they even gave me addresses of other pet shops nearby where I could get items that I was looking for Bruno. The owner was also very friendly. She said people usually prefer keeping pets on their way to work, so that there is no detour. As we talked, a pet owner arrived with two pets. He gave his lab for grooming. Mind you, grooming here is special complete with aromatherapy candles, and the dog's favourite CDs

In India, the need to have day boarding facilities is increasing everyday, as more and more nuclear families opt for work. Hopefully, DogSpot would be a center for all such information on dog-friendly restaurants, day boarding/grooming centers across India. Cheers!


I agree with you. Dog parks abound in Phoenix, Az, USA, with similar facilities, of pick up bags, dustbins etc.
As we have often found, dogs in USA,(and now Canada) seem to have a better life than most humans do.

By: | 25 Apr 2008

Inez Rufus
An alternative to the regular pooper-scooper is a plastic bag. Put your hand into the bag, pick up the poop, tie the bag and drop it into your home garbage.

By: Inez Rufus | 28 Apr 2008

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