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Dog Kept On Tight Leash Suffers In Pain!

22 Sep 2016 | by Deepshikha Tahiliani | Posted in: Wag News

It makes me feel utter dismay to see a dog suffering. He canít voice for himself and has to suffer in pain without communicating to anyone else. A recent incident brought tears to my eyes when a dog was being tormented all day all night long in Elimiano Zapta Teloapan, Mexico. The pooch was tied to a leash so tight that he couldnít even sit down. Thankfully, someone spotted the pooch and tried to talk to the owner of the dog. But all went into vain. According to the owner, the dog was ďdoing fineĒ and there isnít any need for changes of dogís welfare.


Image Source: urdogs.com


The pictures of the dog are heart-wrenching. The pitiless owner had kept the pooch on a very tight leash. He is left to be strangled in it. He neither can stand nor sit down while being on the leash.


Image Source: urdogs.com


With the images, one can see that the furball is in real pain and no one has the right to be cruel to anyone. However, it is still unknown as to what are the exact circumstances. And what prevented the person for reporting the cruel owner to the police, but right now all we can see that the pooch is helpless, is in pain and needs help.


Image Source: urdogs.com


Hence, if we canít do anything else, the least we could do right now is to spread the word of awareness, so that the local authorities could help the poor dog in need. You could show support for the dog and sign this petition.

We hope the dog soon gets rescued.

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