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Alfa 11 is the premier pet boarding and training facility, located in Gurgaon. We are the one-stop place for all your dog-related needs. As dog lovers ourselves, we beleive that your pet has its own unique personality and should be treated with respect and love. Our facilities are located on a large farm where we provide dog training, behaviour consultation, day boarding, pet boarding, dog swimming, grooming, dog agility training, a dog restaurant, and training classes for dog lovers. We also have a home-stay for smaller dogs, where they can live in a family environment. 

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Photo Dippankar S Halder (07 May 2011)
Alfa 11 - Pet Paradise
Please visit our blog :

http:// to get more on Alfa 11 and Rajesh Bhatt. .
Photo Dippankar S Halder (07 May 2011)
Do not send your Pet to Alfa 11 or Rajesh Bhatt - Our Tido died there

In this place there are periodic deaths of dogs. We lost our lovely golden retriever TIDO there. Reason of death is heat stroke and/or tick fever. They have no capability of boarding premium dogs. In a 15x15 room they keep 12-14 dogs after putting in 3 beds which their trainers sleep on. Room has a tiny airconditioner that does not work or is not switched on.
TIDO was boarded there for a 4 months residential training programme suggested by Rajesh Bhatt, the owner of Alfa 11. He survived only 47 days there.
Presence of tick on TIDO's body indicate their grooming standard. Laxmi narayan, the trainer given charge of TIDO has no experience in dog training. He was doing a security job in some hotel 3 months back. Shows you their staff standards

They have neither have resident doctor nor all time transport for emergency.

And this is not the first time. Tamanna lost Ballu, her St Bernard last April and we do not know how many more such cases remain under cover.

Please visit our blog http:// for further details.

Do not get mislead by the blogs or reviews on Alfa 11 and Rajesh Bhatt. A lot of them may be affiliate to Rajesh Bhatt's money making programme on innocent mute animals.

Do not send your pet there. He or she may not come back live.

In case you need any further detail or join the cause to fight Kennel Mafia's like Rajesh Bhatt and Alfa 11 please contact me at :

yahoo. and/or +919810110323 .
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