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About us Pet grooming is an art and we are masters at it. We understand your pets more than just an animal. It all started when I was a Dog trainer back in the day, I got a call to train a dog regarding aggression and the dog was biting his owner itself. The dog turned aggressive since when two non-professional groomers groomed & hair cut for the lash-apso by tying the dog’s legs and the dog screamed out of agony for 2 hours non-stop due to the tied torture. It was since when the aggressive behaviour started, it was a big deal to supress the aggressive behaviour in him and now he is a happy dog. This sparked my mind, why not to start a pet grooming parlour & spa service. My experience with dogs and my skill to train them helped me in understand them and handling harsh and aggressive dogs too. I’ve trained my staff to understand the pet’s mentality and groom them with precision as well.ProfileI’m Ganesh completed my M.Sc in Geo-Informatics and I worked as a Photogrammetrist in a Multi-national company at Pune. I’m passionate toward animals and love them, so I resigned my job and kick started my life with a satisfied job as a dog trainer. Due to my love for animals and experience as a professional dog trainer it was a cake-walk to train more than 150 dogs in two years. Now I’m a successful entrepreneur running my pet salon and pet boarding centre in Anna Nagar, ChennaiBoarding / Kennel Once in my salon (parlour) we got a call from a client to groom his dog St.Brainard He said he had left his dog in a Boarding kennel for a couple of days when he returned he was shocked at the sight when his pet was lying inside a small cage on its on excreta. After a couple of baths at home they couldn’t get rid of the stinky smell , so they came to the parlour and we groomed the pet nice and clean. The dog was poorly maintained and left unattended so after a few months we started our kennel boarding center with hygienic environment Live CC camera , AC and our staffs take care24*7. Hygiene and cleanliness is strictly maintained at our facility , feed them with correct food , take them for walks and let them happily play. We ensure a care and affection to your buddy like you do.
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