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Posted by: hitesh chahal
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hello..i m dog and puppies seller
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Photo hitesh chahal (25 May 2011)
dog puppies
Dog is not a toy! Doesn’t matter if you are buying a dog or taking it for free for adoption think about caring of it! Every dog needs good food and supplies, bed, regular vet visiting, enough walk and fresh air, water, toys, clothes, collars, games and play with the members of your family. Dog needs love and care! Are you ready to give it and more to your dog? Or maybe it is better just to look after your neighbor’s dog during its vacations? Think twice! Every dog has its own behavior, and even if you buy the most lovely puppy of Labrador, it may turn in to a cruel animal with problems if you do not treat it properly! Every dog needs training. Even the smallest ones. Some dogs need grooming. Dogs do not love kennels ( be sure ) so think, if you travel a lot, maybe it is not a good idea to buy a dog. Though a lot of people travel with animals, still it is difficult and cost money to prepare all the documents. Also dogs can get ill. It is bad just to leave dog without treatment! Think about money for vets and any treatment in general. Do you have any other pets at home already? A cat or even a bird may not like a new family member, especially a small puppy. Before buying a dog, think what are the characters of other pets in your house. May be you will need to read books before buying a dog. .
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