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Posted by: Karanbir Singh
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Karanbir Singh is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), expert in German and Commando techniques of training from the best training school in India and also certified by the Kennel Club of England. He has done his advance training course from Singapore with Patrick Wong, who is the best trainer in Asia and is recognised by Cesar Millan. Karanbir has trained the celebrity dog "sparky" who is the mascot for Starhub ,which is the best network service provider in Singapore, for their TV advertisement. He has even trained a Shiba Inu which is an ancient Japanese dog breed for a Chinese TV soap opera in Singapore. (all photos are attached for authenticity of the above mentioned information). Dogmatix dog training centre is aimed at providing positive reinforcement training to dogs of all ages. Using only positive techniques, we can resolve any dog behaviour issues including leash pulling, garden digging, jumping, chewing furniture and/or personal belongings or even biting and aggression (including puppy play biting/mouthing) We provide obedience training, canine behaviour rehabilitation, TV show training, tricks training and other dog behaviour advice. Once trained, you can walk your dog without a leash and watch the neighbours get jealous while their dog takes them for a walk instead. It is your social responsibility to have a well behaved and balanced dog and let the dog live a happy and contented life. Contact us and make your dog the pride of your neighbourhood.
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Photo Karanbir Singh (08 Oct 2012)
Karanbir Singh is a professional dog trainer and an avid animal lover with an Advanced Obedience certification in dog training and behaviour rehabilitation from the best dog training institute in India.
With an expertise in resolving dog behaviour issues, Karanbir uses only positive reinforcement techniques and believes that any behaviour issues can be resolved with love and proper guidance .
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