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Photo roopa sharma (12 Sep 2011)
Wrong dosage of injection by Dr. Laxman Baghel, Noida,caused death of my dear pet.
Complaint against,DR Laxman Baghel,Veterinarian
Posted: 2011-09-08 by roopan

Complaint Regarding
Dr Laxman Baghel,NOIDA

Respected Sirs,
I am filing this complaint for the information of pet owners of NOIda so that my feedback warns them beforehand.
I had a healthy fluffy rabbit aged four years. He would develop mange during rainy season and we have had him injected with Ivormectin twice from Bombay. Even skin oitments worked on him.this season too he developed a mange patch of 2 inches under his chin.Unfrtunately, We took him to Dr.Laxman Baghel at Jaipuria Plaza NOIDA.He did not care to take his weight and despite my telling him to give it a 0.0002 mg dose per kg of wt. according to his last prescription, the doctor insisted that that would be too small a dose and gave it a 0.1 mg dose.That was on 21stof August. My bunny initially was normal then his appetite started falling down. So much so that by the 30th he wasnt eating anything. We rushed him to Baghel and he found that it was running a fever of 105 degrees.He suggested an injection of fever and one of antibiotic each for three days!!!Shocked, as the rabbit had become very weak, we did not follow his advise and took him to two more vets. They both said that the symptoms showed that his kidneys had been damaged due to toxicity in the blood and also that ivermectin had been banned in India. Anyways, my bunny cried in pain for the last five days of his life. It could not drink a drop pf water as his other systems were also effected.My bunny passed away at 3am on 8th of september.
My request to this forum is that it must have a data bank of doctors etc. with feed back from clients so that future clients are warned in advance.` .
Photo Bharati Kapoor (24 Sep 2010)
Callous approach towards pet's treatment
Dr.Narendra Kalra was the vet for my pet, Ruffle since his birth. In fact we bought Ruffle as 4 months old puppy from him 5 years back and since then for all his vaccinations and other ailments we had been going to Dr.Kalra at his clinic Brahmaputra Complex, Sector 29 Noida. I found Dr.Kalra capable and he was treating my pet well. However since last few months I had been observing that Dr.Kalra is hardly at his clinic during the stipulated hours and most of the times his assistant is running the clinic and treating the dogs. I found this very disturbing as this guy is an illiterate person with neither the degree nor a caring temparament to treat pets. Isn't it unethical that we are paying the Consulting fee for Dr.Kalra and it is this Assistant who uses his limited knowledge to treat our pets. My pet suffered for a long period due to this callous approach by Dr.Kalra. I also suspect that this Assistant is involved in illegal breeding and tail docking activities. Despite being an assistant to a Vet, he is the most cruel human being I have ever come across. I would advice all pet owners to do not get your pets treated at this clinic if Dr.Kalra is not around. I wish Dr.Kalra was thoughtful and respected the concerns of the pet owners. .
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