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Dr. Sanjeev Nehru 171

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Indrapuri ColonyDayalbagh
, Agra, - 282005
Call +91-562-2854000, 9897161000
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Photo Shilpa Revankar (08 Oct 2010)
Dr. Sanjeev Nehru
I think that once you trust a doc, its really difficult to change or look out for someone else, I guess in within 20 days also topped by it they got the puppy from the same doctor...
its the normal tendency to trust since the doctor knows the pup and we believe that the pup is in safe hands. .
Photo bandana (07 Oct 2010)
Ok,we all get the point tht the vet was blah..but how could your mother (and you) be so blind for so long..why didnt you simply change your vet? .
Photo Deepika (04 Oct 2010)
I will strongly recomend you never to buy a dog or get your dog treated by him if you want your puppy to survive....
This is inform every body that I had the worst experience with this doctor. My mom bought a two months dacshund puppy 20 days back from "Dr. Sanjeev Nehru". The puppy was very inactive from the starting but we thought may be bcos she is very young. Mom used to follow every instruction which this veterinarian indicated regarding feeding her etc. She was becoming more and more skinny after that. we told him that may be she need more food, but he was adamant about his treatment. Then he gave vaccine to her after which she deteriorated badly. My mom is a big time dog lover and was very much attached to kelly [that was our puppy's name]. She was all the time worried for her and showed her continously to this doctor. she got her blood test and ultrasound done as per recommended by this doctor. Then on 3 october kelly became really serious so mom ran again to doctor. He put her on drip and in few minutes time she expired. We got to know that she must be suffering from some disease from before we bought[viral/jaundice] but to make money he sold her to us. then after that he gave vaccines when she was not well. when she became serious again made a lot of money by advising so many investigations. Above all when we asked him he never told us what she is suffering from. Moreover she died while giving drip so some were telling us that may be he has not put drip at the right place. We also inquired about that doc and got to know that he has done like this malpractice many times before with many people. He has given wrong vaccine to my friend's dog after which their dog also died. My mom has spend around six - seven thousand and a lot of her energy and time. She got really disturbed after that as she got terribly attached to kelly. We felt terribly cheated and I feel because of his malpractice How much our kelly has suffered. She died just bcos we showed her to wrong person. Before this our earlier pet[jacky] lived for 16 years and we used to treat him ourself being doctors and seldom showed to veterinarians. I will strongly recomend you all to beaware of this Doctor or be prepared to spend a lot of money for crying. .
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