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navigate Plot No. 3, Kartik 12th Road,
New India SocietJVPD Scheme, Juhu
, Mumbai, - 400049
Call +91-22-26125790, 9821010898, 26154082
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Photo Deepesh (07 Dec 2011)
cherry eye in saint bernard
Hello Dr.,
I have a 6 month old female saint bernard puppy which is suffering from cherry eye. I took her to my vet, he gave her antibiotic injection for three consecutive days, after which she started getting better. But again the fourth day, it get more than it was before. Then my vet operated her to fit that tear gland inside her eye which was out. But, again after three days, it get out. Now, our vet is suggesting to remove that tear gland from both of her eyes. But, he is also saying that we have to use tear drops for her eyes atleast 5-6 times a day for whole of her life which I think is very difficult. He also said that if we failed to do so, then she can even get blind. So, Dr. pleaseee suggest me what can I do my dog. If you agree, then I can even call you. .
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