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Posted by: Navin kumar
navigate 2 madhuvana hurali chikkanahallinear silvapura tharabanahalli post, Bangalore, - 560090
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. Kuhus Pet Paradise is an exclusive Luxury pet resort for your pets and pet owners. A resort where your pets can stay, relax, pampered, hygiene food provided and play, even pet owners can camp with their pets on weekends or weekdays and have a fun time with your pets. Kuhus pet paradise is already a home or a weekend getaway to a range of breeds ranging from almighty Great Dane, the majestic St Bernard to a homely Labrador, all of whom have become part of the big Kuhus family. Its our love for pets that has been instrumental in creating extended services that cater to pets and pet owners, with Kennel boarding, bedding, walking, Camps for pet owners, Food for pets and pet owners, bond fire, games and Training.
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