Nagpur Canine Club 931

Posted by: Gaurav K. Goyal
navigate 156 "SHEELANAND", Nr. Qidwai Ground,New Nakasha, Nagpur, - 440012
Call , 9326224532, 9860741055

Nagpur Canine Club is a KCI Affiliated Club in Central India. Offering services of various kinds for all dog owners and breeders for the betterment of dog dame in central India.

For Any Assistance please feel free to contact us.

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Photo Pankaj (13 Nov 2013)
Great Dane Dog (Brindal Colour) as available for breeding

Any one want great dane brindal colour dog for breeding just let me know.

Cell No:- 8588857077 .
Photo Gaurav Tank (29 Aug 2011)
Registrato‚Äčn for Boxer
Sir, I am having a male BOXER of 256 days (Approx. 9 months)
I wanna register him with Kennel Club India.
I dont have his papers. What sould I do..? Plzz Plzz help me out...
I reside in Nagpur .
Photo Surriee (01 Jul 2011)
It is so nice to know that in upcoming cities like Nagpur you and your team is working for betterment of most loyal and honest creature like DOGS
yahoo. .
Photo Anurag (25 Jun 2011)
St Bernard puppies for sale
Hi, I am from Chandrapur. I have 3 months old puppies of st bernard. 3 male and 3 female. Rate is 15,000 Rs. each flat. Please contact me on 9225210800.
Thank You
Anurag .
Photo SATYENN (07 Nov 2010)
NAGPUR CANINE CLUB Members and caretakers,
it's a great job you all are carrying on for the betterment of the most lovable and domesticated creature on this planet, may god bless you all with his powers to do more.
Jyotishacharya.66,Hawarapeth,B /h Shiv Mandir,Rameshwari Ring Road,Nagpur-440027.Contact:997 0886750.7709016675/7709016672/ 8087772009 .
Photo sayali (19 Aug 2010)
hello, i have a mix cocker spanial..age 5,female. i want to breed her. so i need a professional breeder who will help me out. because i am not atall knowledgable to do it by my own. it will be great help. thank you.
Photo Bernie (13 Feb 2010)
Site & Membership
Hi, The site is still under construction. When does it get ready ?

Also how do a person become a member of NCC
Photo Gaurav K. Goyal (24 Dec 2009)
This is good team work done by its members and supporters. .
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