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Are you a pack leader or pack follower? Ask this question to yourself when there is a dog at your home. Leading a pack comes from respect which is equally applicable to dog philosophy. Many of you must have issues like: my dog does not follow my orders, my dog has a biting habit, my dog steals food, my dog goes out of control on walk, my dog is very aggressive or shy and so forth. Well, in such situation I can help you guys. I have 8 years of experience with dog and I have been involved in studying dog behaviour. My aim is help you to understand dog behaviour so you can covert your energy into calm and assertive state. And, by doing this you can gain respect and trust of your dog and become the PACK LEADER. It does not matter whether your dog is adult or puppy, its behaviour can be controlled at any stage. However, it is recommended that be a pack leader right from the puppyhood because it gives the dog right path to walk. My services includes dog care, dog training and walking.I am a working professional, so it gets hard for me to take time for my passion to train dogs. And, as this is my passion, I provide my services for free. Please do not hesitate to drop a email, so you and your dog can live a peaceful life. Ankit
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Photo ankit tripathi (01 Dec 2013)
This is going to be interesting! .
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