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Posted by: Steve
navigate 122a Westminster NorthMontreal-West, Montreal-West,
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email ruth@urban-pet.ca
e are a friendly local pet shop (with pet grooming in Montréal) with the latest mutt-haves for your dog, from the basics to the more extravagant and luxurious items to pamper your furry friend. Cat lovers are also welcomed, we have the basics for cats such as food, treats, toys and litter.
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Photo Rajeshmotla (14 Aug 2011)
I want buy a golden labra dog
Dear, i want buy a golden labra dog pl help me and send me some exe pic on my email id~ yahoo." target=_blank>yahoo.~" target=_blank>yahoo. .
Photo NeNa Gonzalez (05 Dec 2010)
Worst Custumer Service experience!
OWNER IS ARROGANT OVERPRICED AND OVERRATED Make sure you ask for receipts because they only take cash! (Says alot about a business) I brought my small 25 pound dog for a simple wash and nail clipping and the owner charged us 45$. That is what I usually pay for a general HAIR TRIMMING + wash + clipping. It was a total RIP OFF! and when confronted, they had no EMPATHY! Please AVOID them and I may suggest my usual groomer in Monkland Street - Snip Doggy Dog! I've been to many groomers in Montreal and it is HIDDIOUS! Who washes a dog for 40$??? BAD BAD BAD .
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