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Vets Now is a UK-based company which was developed in 2001. In the UK, we provide emergency and critical care to animals at night and at weekends, the times when veterinary surgeries are normally closed. We also have hospitals where the most complex surgeries are performed and gold-standard critical care is provided. Neighbouring practices send us their sickest patients for dedicated care in our hospital facilities. On 23rd November 2012, Vets Now officially opened its first clinic outside the UK. This is situated in Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi and is the first of its kind in India. Our brand new, state-of-the-art hospital provides UK-style in-patient facilities so the sickest animals can be cared for day and night. 24 hour monitoring is provided when necessary and we have drip pumps and syringe drivers to ensure these animals receive exactly the right amount of drugs and fluids. We can provide analgesia (pain-relief) infusions for surgical cases, just as we would in the UK. Our aim is to increase the standard of medicine available for pets in India. All our doctors and nurses are UK-qualified. Emergency medicine and critical care are special interests for us and we are delighted to be able to bring UK standard services to New Delhi! Clients are welcome to make appointments to discuss any of their pets’ medical requirements. We offer a full range of services from vaccines and routine sterilisation to planned dentistry procedures and emergency soft tissue surgery. Our hospital is equipped with a dedicated operating theatre, complete with gaseous anaesthesia and multi-parameter monitoring. (ECG, pulse oximetry, capnography and non-invasive blood pressure measurement.) We place intra-venous catheters for all anaesthetic and sedation procedures. We are particularly proud of our in-house laboratory. Our Idexx blood machines are veterinary specific and perform full haematology, biochemistry with electrolytes and blood-gas analysis, We have facilities for in-house thyroid and cortisol testing. Our lab can now provide same-day testing for many blood-borne parasites too. Very importantly, our lab equipment is specifically calibrated for feline and canine samples. This ensures the best possible accuracy, essential for providing a high quality service. We provide on-site microscopy on hair, skin, urine and blood. This is performed by our own doctors which speeds up the service for our clients and ensures therapy can commence as soon as possible. Clients may bring samples collected by other practices if lab facilities are not available there. We are always happy to accept referrals from neighbouring practitioners. Indeed, some of our most interesting cases have been directed to us by our Indian colleagues. For those doctors who prefer to manage their own cases but who would like assistance, we can provide a second opinion or telephone advice as appropriate. In the future, we will provide on-going training for vets in Delhi, just as vets would receive in the UK. In the coming weeks, we will be giving lectures on skin disease, use of antibiotics, and pain relief. All veterinary doctors are welcome to join us for these sessions. Details of the venues and timings are soon to be confirmed and will be advertised locally. For any client or veterinary professional wishing to contact us, our address is: Vets Now Pet Hospital Gautam Nagar Opposite Gulmohar Enclave Gate 3 Yusuf Sarai New Delhi 110049 Tel: 0011-2656 1800 Email: Opening times: 9am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. We are open 7 days per week but close from 1pm on Wednesday afternoons. Please note, a full 24 hour emergency service is available outside these times. Please call the hospital and listen to the recorded message. This will give the telephone number of the on-call doctor. We look forward to hearing from you!
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