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A Dog lovers lament in small town India

08 Dec 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag News

This year has been a traumatic year for us. We relocated to Kannur, Kerala in 2007. We brought along our pets Samson and Sauron with us. They were 6 years old. A Labrador and a Rottweiler.

We quickly learnt to our dismay that dogs as pets culture is not prevalent in these parts. People who keep dogs are solely as gaurd dogs. These poor creatures are kept in cages. They are not loved and cared for. They are encouraged to bark at no or little provocation. They are not let out peridically to do their thing. The owners family fears them. They run amok and bite anybody they can. The cages - they are small dingy cages and not proper kennels - are not cleaned regularly and are sometimes open to the elements. It rains for 4/5 months in a year and most of the time the digs are wet.

Source: picornot.com

In this environment where people do not love dogs or even understand dogs, their care and welfare is neglected. The Vetenerary service is apalling. The vets are only familiar with handling cattle. Mainly dishing out freebies from Govt clinics to cattle owners or performing artificial insemination. There are no private vet clinics. There is the odd retired govt vet who make house calls. The vets working in the govt clinics freelance and make house calls. They are mostly ignorant and generally callous. They are adept at fleecing owners who make the mistake of calling them, whether for annual shots or any ailments, once they realise that you love your pet they have your number.

After we came to Kannur and before we realised and understood how the system works or dosent we had taken one more pet. Benjamin, a beautiful 10 weeks old male St Bernard. We brought him from a breeder in Faridabad. Our experience with this purchase is a story for another day.

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