Dog Lovers Rescue 18-month Old Injured Puppy From India

26 Jan 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Heartbreaking: Indy the dog, a small puppy in Goa, had lost the use of her back legs after being attacked by another dog, and lived in a rescue centre when the dog lovers, Angela and Ian Szczypka found her. They fell in love with Indy after meeting her at the rescue centre in Goa, west India, while they were in the country on holiday.



'She was just a frightened little dog that sat in the corner. Other puppies were hanging on her back legs. It was just terrible' and she told her husband developed a relationship with the injured dog.' said Angela.

She said: 'We went to the rescue centre every day to volunteer and walk the dogs for a few hours every morning. We started trying to think of a way we could walk Indy, so we came back with a towel one day and put it under her bottom so her back legs were lifted and she could walk.''She got to know us and she got happier in herself. We could see that she was improving quite a bit. She had more life in her because she was so depressed before. So we decided to adopt her and take her home, which was completely crazy.' 



'It took nine months to get her here. We paid for her to go to a daycare centre in India for £3 (Rs. 300 approx) a day. By the time she got her flight here she'd put a bit of weight on and could get around a bit better. We picked her up from the airport in September and it was amazing. She was so overwhelmed she walked straight into the glass doors! But she recognised us which was lovely.'
The couple spent more than £2,300 (Rs. 2.2 lacs approx) getting Indy home, which includes her time in an Indian daycare centre, flights, vet bills, her wheelchair and other equipment including a special pair of trainer. 



Now she goes for a walk every morning and loves to spend her days under a blanket by the heater.

Angela described the amazing moment little Indy was given a special wheelchair to help her walk. She said: 'A man in Kent made us a wheelchair for £300 (Rs. 30,000 approx). He's amazing. He makes ski wheelchairs for dogs in Sweden, and for dogs all over the world. It took a while to get it made because Indy's got a funny body shape. She's a bit like a seal when she walks.'

'But as soon as she got the wheels she was off. She runs around in it all the time. She runs along the beach, in the woods where we live, and on all terrains.

'She's had one accident when she decided to chase a squirrel up a tree but fell backwards and ended up on her back. She was fine but looked a bit peeved.

'But she's much better behaved than the other dogs. She get a lot of attention when we're out. Everyone wants to know her story.' 


The 18-month-old dog may one day be able to walk again, after vets discovered that her back is not completely torn off, and that she can still wag her tail.

There is hope for Indy to walk on her own soon. We wish such people keep coming forward and help those kind souls in need.


Source: (by  SARA MALM)

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