Dog Owners Locked In Room By Spoilt Dog, Rescued By Firefighters [News]

23 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Sometimes dogs do incredible things and sometimes incredibly horrific things if you get on their bad side. In a potentially disastrous incident, a dog locked his owners inside a room and as a result they were unable to turn off the gas in the kitchen.

Kanta Sharma, resident of Rail Vihar Colony, Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula, was preparing breakfast and had to leave the kitchen with the gas on as she had to tend to a guest whose foot was injured, all the while trying to control her 11-month old overweight Labrador, Ganja. The dog did not let her pay attention to her guest and after much pestering Ganja was dragged out of the room. The infuriated dog took revenge by bolting the door from outside. This caused both people locked inside to panic as the gas was still on and no one else was at home. Even their cell phones were in the other room. So they started screaming for help, hoping the neighbours would come and help. But neighbours could not get inside because the main door of the house locked too. Seeing all the smoke that was coming out of the house, a neighbour called the fire brigade team, which thankfully arrived at the spot in time. The gatekeeper of the colony explained that people tried hard to push open the main door and were successful in doing so. The fire team then controlled the smoke in the house.

This incident sure is funny but throws light on what dogs are capable of when you pamper them to an extent that they are the ones in control. Ganja is a highly pampered pooch who is in the habit of throwing tantrums and is so spoilt that Kanta has to massage his legs every night so he goes to sleep. Even the Chief fire officer found this incident laughable because a proper fire team was sent to rescue people due to this “heavyweight” dog.

What Kanta does not realise that her dog has been humanised too much. Ganja is treated like a human baby and not a dog. By pampering him too much he has assumed that his humans are his servants and that he’s the head of the family. This also causes separation anxiety in dogs which again makes them destructive in the absence of their ‘owners’. Dogs are pack animals, they need leadership in their lives. When the pack leader/owner isn’t an effective leader the dog assumes leadership for the whole pack/family. This is the prime cause of their tantrums, separation anxiety and disobedience.

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