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Your dog is your best friend, but how can you be his best friend? The answer is simple- Love, care and lots of exercise. As passionate dog lovers we leave no stone unturned in loving and caring for them. However, apart from taking care of your dog, you would want him to be obedient at the same time. Making your dog obedient requires training. If you are bringing a new pup home it is very important to gather all the information related to his training, behaviour and other specific facts about the breed you are going to get.  The secret of successful dog training is at the time when your dog is in puppy stage. It is the time when he can adopt all the training you give him. However it does not mean that adult dogs can be trained well.

Having adequate information on dog training helps you to build a strong relationship between you and your dog. Dog training books are a great investment when it comes to taking care of your dog and making him well-trained. There are several books which have been written by renowned dog experts and behaviourists. It is important to search for books which give information about different dog breeds, ages and skill to train them.

Below listed are ten books which are recommended by dog trainers:

1.   How to Raise the Perfect Dog : Through Puppyhood and Beyond ( Cesar Milan, Melissa Jo Peltier)

This book is written by world famous dog behaviourist, Cesar Milan. It contains valuable information on how to raise your pup into an obedient and intelligent dog. It includes some basic but important exercises which every dog owner should carry out with his dog. If you have bought a pup and you are worried on how to train him, this book is for you!

2.   101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge and Bond with Your Dog( Kyra Sundance, Chalcy)

If you are a beginner, this book could be of great help to you. It contains step by step approach to train your dog. Each step contains colourful pictures which makes it interesting and easier to read for beginners. It is one of the bestselling books on dog tricks. The steps start with an easy approach and gradually level up-to advanced training stages. It covers some common dog behaviour problems and suggests tricks to solve them. No clickers or tools are required. Trick training is an amazing way to build a strong relationship with your dog.

3.   How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners ( Revised and Updated Edition)

This is an ultimate training manual on how to train your dog to be your best friend. The new edition has new photos and fresh design. It guides on how to train your dog in a spiritual way. The author with his years of expertise in canine training, discusses that how a dog owner can successfully train his dog. It has been a long time best seller and recommended by most dog trainers around the world.

4.   Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar’s Way to Transform Your Dog and Your Life. ( Cesar Milan, Melisa Jo Peltier)

Written by renowned dog expert Cesar Milan, this is a good book on how to be your dog’s leader. This book is useful for pet owners who want to solve the behaviour issues of their dogs. It discusses the fact about leashes and other tools which people use on their pets. This is a great practical book which includes everything which every dog owner needs.

5.   The Power of Positive Dog Training ( Pat Miller)

Pat Miller is a world acclaimed dog trainer who has penned several books on dog training.  In this book she explains the importance of positive reinforcement in dog training. She has discussed her principals and equipments needed for dog training. The book contains a six week program which consists of some basic obedience commands and fun tricks for dogs. She also explains on how to prevent or manage certain dog behaviour issues.

6.   Before and After Getting Your Puppy ( Dr Ian Dunbar)

Dr Ian Dunbar is a well-known veterinarian and animal behaviourist. This book is best if you have recently bought a new pup home. It tells you everything you want to know about training a puppy so that he grows up to be a well-behaved dog. It begins with information about how to choose a pup and covers with issues like house-training, socialising and preventing and managing common behaviour problems associated with dogs.

7.   Living with Kids and Dogs..Without Losing Your Mind( Colleen Pelar)

You want to buy a pet for your kids but do not know how to go about it. It is not easy as it looks. Sharing homes with dogs and kids is never easy. If you are one of those people who want to live happily and safely with kids and four legged species this book is for you! This book elaborates on how to choose the right dog for your family. It explains on how to deal with children and pets right from the child’s growing age to teenage. There is also an important section on how to help your kids to cope with loss of a dog.

8.   Don’t Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training( Karen Pryor)

A better way to better behaviour is the main concept of this book. Karen Pryor is a famous dog behaviourist who explains some behavioural training methods with clear and entertaining approach. The revised version of her book gives an insight into the animal and human behaviour. As a dynamic pet trainer, she uses positive reinforcement techniques in teaching new behaviours.

9.   Good Dog Bad Dog (Mordecai Siegel, Matthew Margolis)

This book is a great training guide for individual dog trainers. The simple and original content can help dog owners to learn tricks and tips in an easy way. In this book, the author discusses important steps from housebreaking to advanced training drills. This book also helps its readers to identify their dogs on the basis of different personality traits.

10.The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

This book brings a completely new prospective on how we should bond with our dogs. It lays emphasis on bringing changes in our behaviour rather than that of our pets. This book has been written by Dr Patricia McConnell, an applied animal behaviourist. With more than twenty years of experience in dog training, she explains how dogs interpret human behaviour. She explains ways on how to interact with dogs so as to bond with them.

Dog training is a time consuming process which requires patience, dedication and commitment of course! Often people lose their enthusiasm to train their dogs due to insufficient knowledge or lose patience when their dogs do not respond. It is therefore important to choose a good training book which contains information you need for your dog. Educate and discipline yourself before you attempt to train your dog. No wonder why Corey Ford said, “Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend.” 

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