Dogs Are Family - Not a Burden!

22 Oct 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

Shiba InuHaving a dog is like having a baby, just a little more complex as Dogs cannot speak, so one has to be careful and observant about their behaviour and habits to understand if they need something or are unwell.

The love that dogs have for their family is unconditional and pure, free from expectations. I read a quote somewhere where a little boy was asked what he thought was love, and his reply was a simple one “love is what a puppy expresses to you even after you have left him alone in the day”. 

For many pet parents, there often arise unfortunate circumstances where they are unable to take care of their pets. As a result, they may put up their pet for adoption, hoping a loving family will take care of their pet and give them a proper forever home. Many pets are not that fortunate and get abandoned by their families - either they are left or dropped off far from the house so that they cannot find their way home or simply left at shelters. 

Here is a story of a Shiba Inu, who was abandoned by his family. The story comes with a kleenex alert as it depicts what goes through the unfortunate dog and how he longs to reunite with the family he loves. 

Do share this video with friends and family with a hope that as the video goes viral, many would come forward and propagate against abandoning of pets while many others will understand the trauma that pets go through when they are abandoned for no fault of their own. 

We at DogSpot have started a noble initiative where we help and find forever homes for a lot of pets who have either been abandoned or were found on streets. Do check the Adoption section of our website for more details! 

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