Dogs have a voice which deserves to be heard

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Humanity:  Human beings collectively. This is the definition for the word that has stuck for as long as I can remember. I now want to give it a new definition. For the longest time, I have walked through places and seen dogs on the street wagging their tails as any HUMAN passes by and hopes for them to stop and at least look at them or acknowledge their presence. Us humans COLLECTIVELY walk past or kick or even rush them away to get them out of our way. Soon enough they become use to this type of behaviour and except it, forgetting what love is, letting it go and being DETACHED. They acknowledge the presence of those who acknowledge theirs but as soon as the person (human) gets up to leave they don’t make the extra effort to run behind them anymore or wag their tail anymore they give a look which we think is understanding  but actually the look is of disappointment, disappointment of another human letting them down.

For all the time letting them down has been our unintentional aim. It’s something that cannot be avoided anymore and something that the cruelty of humanity has to understand. Hot steamy tears run down my face as I see the conditions of the dogs on the street. Wanting to work for an NGO is not possible due to the child labour I’m only 14 years old and they do not allow such young children to work even when I said that I wanted to work without any payment. An initiative from any good willing soul should be taken into consideration as it is a very important matter that is not being taken seriously. Humans have made their own restrictive boundaries and have with themselves made animals a part of the separation too. The animals deserve to live a happy life where they too are loved, where they are feed and where they can sleep without knowing to think that someone may step on their tail or run them over by a car.

Diwali is the cruellest time of the year for all the dogs. The crackers cause them high discomfort and the places that they have to sleep are also stolen from them from them yet again for our own pleasures of seeing crackers. Some also run behind dogs with crackers to scare them off or to cause them actual pain. Do dogs who always give such unconditional love deserve this lifestyle? Don’t they deserve to be in a warm cozy house on a cold night or don’t they deserve a meal to fill their stomach and prevent illnesses related.

Humans (us) have to be more sensitive. If you’re passing a stray dog with no food and you would have money, then feed it something, if you see a dog injured you have a phone you should call a service and help the dog. Small yet big deeds like these make a huge difference to the conditions of the dogs.

Even the dog shelters are horrible in condition. The dogs there too are not treated properly and are not properly fed. What is the point of these shelters if they are not taken care of properly and are still treated the same way. Some of the dogs have such bad experiences in their past that they don’t come near the person no matter what good intentions the human comes to offer. They are petrified and scared to death as they have been brought near it many times.

Cruelty is not something that has to be performed out of fun. Burning, skinning, brutally hurting a dog is not an act of fun or kindness and if ever witnessed must be stopped.

Just because they don’t have a voice to express does not mean that they don’t feel.. hurting them  is not okay and will not be and should not be excepted by the society. They have feeling that matter. This article was awareness to all oblivious to this side of the society.  Hopefully, now when you walk down the street you remember this and make one contribution from your side to provide them with a successful embrace to live tomorrow.

I'm 15 years old Priyanka Gour, and I have an enormous amount of love for animals. I try to initiate it in every medium especially through writing. I'm a student of the Shri Ram School- Aravali and i intend to do everything in my power to help the voice of the animals to be heard.

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