Its a Dog's life-Stop Puppy Mills

09 Jun 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag News


With the onset of recession, breeders have almost certainly put a spanner into their business.

And those that did not are now advertising pups going cheap at 3 months(Ideal age for selling pups is 60days), in a way what has happened has happened for good since commercial breeding is detrimental to the animal and pups from such bitches dont really live up to the standards advertised.

There are very few breeders who are more of hobbists with their real aim set at improving the breed standards in the country.We need to essentially oppose"puppy mills" by ensuring that we do not "buy" from such breeders.

However we still have some genuine guys around who have worked hard at improving the Anil Tiwari of Doggies Dude kennel who breeds only English Mastiff and French Mastiff pups.

So next time you choose a pup, find out where it came from ,dont buy from middle men, touts.You might do the entire community a great service as a dog lover by not encouraging such trades in the society.

BTW- Take special care also to go down to the site and pick your pup after thorough scrutiny, do not go alone by the puppy pictures sent to your email.You may end up loosing your money since in most cases people are taken for a ride once the money is wired...check the real "wares" in person!

One such tout you would do better to keep away from - Gurdeep Singh from Meerut


Puneet Sharma
NICE..... I agree with evrything that you stated Vasant...!!!

I believ the people who fall prey to these pet shops or mills are the people who are buying puppies for the first few times, the reason being that breeders do not advertise on hoardings, etc. Hence "Jo Dikhta hai... Woh Bikta hai...!!"

I just hope that laws & rules raise awareness... My vet was telling me that its a law that puppies of 30 days, etc can not be officially sold... but I still see so many pups being sold at the age of 25 days... SAD BUT TRUE... and people are buying...!!

I have seen so much being said about puppy mills and I hope your blog can also help...!!

Respect & Peace!!

By: Puneet Sharma | 10 Jun 2009

More over... even on this site, while putting up puppies for sale, the breeders should not be able to upload stuff unless the puppy if of the right age, and has had vaccinations, it ought to be a validation.

By: Ravinder | 06 Sep 2009

Spot on Warren :)

By: Ravinder | 07 Sep 2009

My pup passed away today in the late afternoon :(
I did all I could, but it fills me with grief, he was such a jolly fellow, and spend only 2 days with me in good health.

By: Ravinder | 09 Sep 2009

Agam Prabhakar
that is really sad Ravinder... but i just wanna thank you for taking good care of him. no one can fill the gap.

Just one suggestion, if you plan to get another pup, pls wait for sometime before you get one. Give this time to yourself to heal. I also would suggest you to consult a vet to find out how to clean/ dis-infect your house after a case of parvo.

God bless

By: Agam Prabhakar | 10 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
Parvo is a very resistant virus. The virus can live for 7 months in yr garden. It does not matter if your dog had been there or not, parvo travel on our feet.

If you wish to disinfect i suggest you use clorox. A little strong solution the better. Mop well, including the walls. destroy all bedding. If you dog was on a wooden kennel or flooring, its a good idea to get rid of it or replace the wood.

By: Warren Chang | 10 Sep 2009

Agam Prabhakar
good job... keep the faith...

By: Agam Prabhakar | 10 Sep 2009

My sympathies are with you Ravinder...
I know what a loss of a pet Englis mastiff (Leo)was killed last year for no apparent reason. All because the vet wanted his novice daughter to be hands on and ended giving her the synringe for anesthesia and she pumped more that recomended...guess what Dr.Wakhankar is supposed to be the best there is in his line.Worst all my dog needed was a stich-which he could have done without.(He was just a year old).
I started a blog and it seems to be catching up !
I will soon have a forum on this..
The idea is to get good hobbist and professional breeders in a group where I will be doing all the reference check there needs to be before admitting him/her to the forum.This is just to ensure that we do not have the riff-raffs and the touts clammering in.I have given out quite a lot of puppies for adoption (free)..with just one clause that I be allowed to visit the pup anytime in the year until I am sure that it is in good hands.
Ravinder you might be lucky as I might even have a rottweiler for adoption too.Any one in the forum wanting to be a part of that association is more than welcome.

By: VASANT | 10 Sep 2009

Agam Prabhakar
that sounds so terrible Vasant... I would have been a raging killer if something like this happened to me. Could you not have sued the Vet.? I know the life is lost but atleast other vets would get a lesson to learn.

By: Agam Prabhakar | 10 Sep 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Hey Vasant.....nice to see you not regular now a days as you know..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 10 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
It is very difficult to distinguish a shady breeder from a breeder that really put effort or to a home breeder. Things happens as these are living things. We must ensure that the breeder put some effort at least on there side to minimize these such as vaccination on time with the correct vaccines. Vets need to read litriture on the vaccine they are administrating a good example is that some brands require a booster every 3 years while some require annually. Some vaccine if given on the same day clash with each other making them useless or otherwise dangerous to the dog.

Now if everything is done right and you turn out to be the unfortunate 5% that the vaccines do not work then I would call it an act of god.

Most vets/ breeders are not aware of the vaccination program. Biggest issue i have seen is parvo.

Dam needs to be vaccinated 14 days after giving birth. Puppies need the first shot at 4 weeks (better if puppy parvo is given), repeated every 2 weeks until 3 months. The biggest enemy the puppies have is there own mothers maternal immunity. These clash with the vaccines we give.

I hope i am invited to join this foru

By: Warren Chang | 10 Sep 2009

lol?! What was funny?

By: Ravinder | 10 Sep 2009

Puneet Sharma
Hey all, I know am straying from the issue of the blog, but am looking fwd to buying a good black lab or cocker spaniel. Anyone knows of a home bred litter or from a good breeder who charges realistically?

Agam / Anil: special shout out to you guys if u can help... Thanks!

By: Puneet Sharma | 10 Sep 2009

Kailash Relan
Ravinder Ji, So sorry to hear abt ur rottweiler.The amount of puppy mills are increasing crazily...These Kennel like NO 1 skyline..I contacted no 1 kennel and it is surely a puppy mill and in addition I dont think the dog u saw is tony flash rouse as these breeders are expert in manipulating and a non expert cant really tell if it is in real tony flash rouse.Tony is owned by Mr Sachin Sharma and he does not have any kennel....

If in future you buy a dog please see the parents and in addition only buy the pup after 2 months of age....If in future u want a rott let me knw i know some real good rottweiler breeders bt a lil expoensive coz quality comes at a price...

By: Kailash Relan | 11 Sep 2009

Kailash Relan

@Puneet if you want a lab or cockerspaniel why do u really want to buy one if you can get one for free.Adopt one for free.I know an animal shelter who has a lab and many other pedigreed breeds in their shelter as their owners abandobed or some other reason in the shelter..I must say ther are true animal lovers.U can contact them at:
(Regd. Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals)

Registered Office & Clinic
271 & 273 Defence Colony Flyover Market,(Entry from Jungpura side)
New Delhi-110024.

Phone: +91 11-24314787 +91 11-24320707

Mobile: +91 9810000254/ +91 9818201987
email :

By: Kailash Relan | 11 Sep 2009

Great...thanks for bringing in the adoption thing.
There are so many good breeds out there ...all waiting for some good homes..Puneet you should seriously look at this option.
Ravinder-You are obviously invited...Kailash has already led the way...and I see Anil has keyed his interest too...

By: VASANT | 11 Sep 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Vasant.. Work on this after Oct... I do not want to miss the party.. been long due already

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 11 Sep 2009

I Stay in Gurgaon and our vet is Dr Josan (Sector 23) highly recommended

By: Rana Atheya | 11 Sep 2009

Puneet Sharma
Hi Mr. Atheya

Is this the same Dr. Josan with a Clinic in SuperMart 1? I went there once when i got my puppies, but the guy who was at the door (Probably the helper) was so rude to talk to, so I went away deciding never to come back, no offences meant though...

By: Puneet Sharma | 11 Sep 2009

Thx Puneet, always good to know a trusted doc ;)

By: Ravinder | 11 Sep 2009

@Puneet no this one is in Sector 23. This is different for details
Evn I had bad exp with Josan at Supermart :)

By: Rana Atheya | 11 Sep 2009

Kailash Relan
According to me the best doctor for me in Delhi area is Dr Pradeep Rana: Niti bagh Pet Clinic
#5, DDA Market
Niti Bagh
New Delhi
110 049

Telephone: +91 11 2686-6676
Fax: +91 11 2653-4303

Information: Clinic timings are 9:30am - 1pm, 5:30pm - 8:30pm Sundays: 10am - 1pm for Emergencies ONLY 98-110-37401
He is the best according to me and is so determined to do his job...

By: Kailash Relan | 11 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
There is a book that i highly recommend. About 4000 rupees. Weighs alot. Try get you hands on it.

"Dog Owners Veterinary Manual - 4th edition"

By: Warren Chang | 12 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
Every page is amazing and if you cant find a solution in this book, I am sure that your vet is also experimenting. This book can put a vet out of business.

By: Warren Chang | 12 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
One more thing that I like to mention is that it is funny that certain strong breeds such as the Rottweilers and Dobermanns are prone especially to parvo and corona.

Vets should change the protocol for these 2 breeds. I vaccinate my dogs and usually end giving atleast 2 parvo to my puppies before releasing them and ask the owners to bring the pups to my place for re vaccination. I keep my stock fresh. What is your vets protocol for power shortage - do they have back up power for the fridge. Vaccines get spoilt fast. 10 mins in wrong temp and game over for the vaccine.

These 2 breeds get atleast 5 parvo, 2 dhl and 1 rabies before they are 1 year old.

By: Warren Chang | 12 Sep 2009

Where are you located Warren?

By: Ravinder | 12 Sep 2009

Misal Singh
I thought about putting this on the forum, as it will prevent prospective puppy buyers from getting cheated. I had got in touch with Mr Anil Tiwari in Oct 2011, for buying an english mastiff puppy. Mr Anil Tiwari has an id here as Anil@ Doggiesdude. He also has a detailed description given about his kennel on this portal. In fact I got in touch with him, after I went through the good things written about him on this portal. However I had a poor experience with Mr Tiwari. I transferred Rs 55000 to him for an english mastiff puppy in Oct 2011. I did an online transfer from my ICICI Bank account to Mr Tiwari's ICICI bank account number 628101519212. The online transaction id for the money transfer was 259315017. Unfortunately Mr Tiwari, did not give us the puppy or return the money. Mr Tiwari has a detailed website on english mastiffs- The website makes one believe that he is a genuine person, as also things written about him on this portal. However my experience with him, makes me believe that he is certainly not genuine.
PS- for further details on this you can get in touch with us at

By: Misal Singh | 20 Feb 2012

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