Dogs are psychic

27 Feb 2010 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover

The last time I went home after a year from UK, my dogs recognised me instantly. It was fast that they seemed to know all the things i did with them before. Things I had absolutely forgotten. They were like erased from my memory until my she dog got a ball and kept it in my hand and those days when i would be sleeping till late afternoon and she too would pretend to be asleep under my bed. If not sleeping, she would be guarding me outside the door. She would wait until I got up. It was morning for her when it was for me. She is amazing. We instantly knew the games we played like hide and seek, pigeon and monkey calling( she barks when i say those two words). She has become a little rebel now, I think because she isn't understood as well as we did each other.

'Dogs need to be understood to make them understand you.'

My bhaiya, who works for us takes my dogs for a walk but one fine day, when it was time for their walk, Bella hovered around me barking and picking my shoes communicating that she wanted only me to take her for a walk. We did go for that walk and we enjoyed. She wanted to explore places that she might have not earlier. Since I didn't know those terrains better, she guided me as to where we should go. She pulled me rather. It's different that I was more scared of strays. More scared for her or myself, I don't know yet. May be for both.

She did all this since she knew she could get me to do it. Dogs have their comfort levels with people and that is the minimum what Bella and I share. Anything else is just 'more comfort'...

I think with me, she remembers her childhood when she was a baby. She becomes naughtier with me. I remember, I had to go to visit a near-by tailor. Even before I got in the car, Bella ran to take her place. She could'nt climb the high base of the car, yet she persisted. She was taken by bhaiya in his arms. It made me cry at that act of hers. It makes me miss her more today. How do people stay away from their dogs? How do dogs live without the people, they share their comfort levels with?

My mother says, they are like babies, who never grow up but they always know how to make you feel better like any mature grown-up. Dogs are psychic, an ability that even we humans possess and which we seldom use, unconsciously overlooking the obvious. We are habitual of being 'non-beings'. We are habitual of looking too much and looking nothing at all. We can learn a lesson or two from dogs. :)

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