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DogSpot gets a cover story in Outlook Money

26 May 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Hey ,Rana, Gaurav, Shailesh [Dog Spot team!]

Many congratulations to you folks on making to the cover story of Outlook Money.

Its an inspiration for many dog lovers & budding entreprenuers. 

Wish you all the best in making it to the big league.





Gopal Krishna
Awesome!!!! and Congrats... I am moving to delhi Hope to meet the team soon... Congrats again Dogs Spot :)

By: Gopal Krishna | 26 May 2010

Spice Danes
Hey Congrats all,

You deserve it guys. Thanks for making such a user friendly social website for all the dog lovers.

Mandar Phadke

By: Spice Danes | 26 May 2010

Prejith Sampath
I actually got myself a copy after seeing the dogs on the cover. Congrats on putting the site together. What breed is the dog besides the golden retriever and the beagle that is on your lap? It really looks cute.

By: Prejith Sampath | 26 May 2010

Thanks Tushar for putting this up.Thanks Prejith, Gopal and Mandhar.

Thank you everyone for the support! Its this support and encouragement that keeps us going.

@ Gopal, looking forward to meeting you in Delhi.
@ Prejith, the third one is a Cocker Spaniel.

By: Gaurav | 26 May 2010

Tushar Kanchan
Hi Gaurav
Its a pleasure, is it possible to post this article on dogspot


By: Tushar Kanchan | 26 May 2010

Mohd Shadab
congrats Rana..

By: Mohd Shadab | 27 May 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 27 May 2010

Really gr8...congrats

By: Runni | 28 May 2010

Himanshu Gupta
congratulations Guy's!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Himanshu Gupta | 28 May 2010

great going keepit up!!!

By: Shalin | 28 May 2010


By: Vikram | 30 May 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal

By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 02 Jun 2010

Debashish Sarkar
congrats folks...good job....This is just an excuse to greet you guys with a "CONGRATS"...otherwise its always been a big "THANK YOU" from my side...
Even if Outlook would not have recognised you guys...all of us out here know pretty well, what an awesome job you are doing for our darling pets...Congrats once again...

By: Debashish Sarkar | 04 Jun 2010

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