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  • DogSpot Health pack DogSpot Health pack

DogSpot Health pack

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Product Description

DogSpot Health pack

The 60 tablet pack of VitaSpot multivitamin supplement for dog is a perfect supplement to be given to your puppies as well as adults. This is a potent combination of essential minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids will ensure a healthy pet while maintaining a soft coat.
The presence of essential fatty acids ensures a healthy and lustrous coat for your pet. Along with this it is a blessing in disguise for those pesky pets who do not like to eat or suffer from loss of appetite. This will help you to increase the appetite for your pet as well.  There are instance when you may be giving your dog good and nutritional food but it is possible that what you think is a balanced diet leaves a lot to be desired in terms of nutrition. This additional supplement is potent combination of A, B, D and E. The 60 tablet pack of multivitamin supplement from Vitaspot will not only maintain the general health of your dog but restrict shedding to an extent. 
  • Maintains a soft and lustrous coat
  • Increases appetite
  • Reduces shedding to an extent
  • Combination of essential minerals and vitamins








  • Form - Tablets
  • Quantity - 60 Tablets
  • Suitable for -  Dogs (male and female) of all ages and breeds
  • Dosage - Puppies and Dogs under 5 kg: 1 tab daily, Dogs over 5 kg: 1-2 tabs, twice daily, Or as recommended by the veterinarian









Calcium is absolutely essential for your dogs. It is not only necessary for puppies to develop strong bones and teeth but is also required to maintain healthy bones and joints. The CalSpot Calcium Supplement is an in house product that is fortified with essential minerals such as phosphorous, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 and Iron that help in the easy absorption of calcium into the body. This 60 tablet pack is suitable for both puppies as well as adult dogs.

The presence of phosphorous and Vitamin D not only ensures healthy development but makes it easy for the calcium to be absorbed in the body. In puppies the supplement will help to develop healthy bones and teeth and in the case of adults it will assist to resolve any joint related issue in your pet. The 60 tablet pack of CalSpot Calcium supplement is a must have for all puppies and adult dogs suffering from any joint related problem as well.


  • Develops strong bones and teeth in puppies
  • Helps to maintain and strengthen bones and teeth in adult dogs
  • Prevents all joint related problems
  • Facilitates in growth








  • Form - Tablets
  • Quantity - 60 Tablets
  • Suitable for -  Dogs (male and female) of all ages and breeds
  • Dosage - Puppies and Dogs under 5 kg: 1/2  tab daily,  Dogs over 5 kg: 1-2 tabs, twice daily Or as recommended by the veterinarian



  • Pack Includes - VitaSpot Multivitamin And CalSpot Calcium  Supplement For Dog - 60 Tablets
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