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Don't Hit, Pinch, or Slap your Dog !!

16 Dec 2008 | by | Posted in: Training

Hello Friends

While browsing through one of the sites...got this piece..thought of sharing it with you all too. Read on.....

Hitting, pinching, or slapping your dog is too personal. The punishment clearly originates from you, and there is no way to redirect it. As a consequence, your dog may end up learning the wrong lesson, including:

1. Rough-housing is a fun game that my owner plays with me. Let me try playing it with him and with others.

2. My owner or a person's hand/face coming towards my face or body is a bad thing. I should run away from people or bite the hand/face that is a threat to me.

3. My owner or a person coming towards me means pain. I should stay away from people and keep them away by growling and biting.

I thinkif you hit your dog coz he isnt listning to you.....he might start listening to you for a while...BUT he will definitely stop "respecting" you".











Saugat Sanyal
I absolutely agree with you Subhajit. Physical punishment of Dogs are brutal and they do not solve the problem, instead they lead to newer problems. Its a pity most of dog owners resort to beating these kids instead of bhaviourly correcting them.

By: Saugat Sanyal | 16 Dec 2008

Saugat Sanyal
Hi Misha, the approach I use with my dogs are more to do with rewarding. If the dog behaves the way I tell them I give them a small treat or snack (dog biscuit) but if it misbehaves I try to say a firm NO to it, if this does not work I take it to a room a put the dog in their for a small time on a leash and ignore it completely. It then knows that if it plays rough then it will not get a play mate to play with and will be tied to a leash. Untie it after 5-10 min but do not praise him or pet him them, else he will get confused. A situation han have a reward or a punishment, not a mixture of the same.

By: Saugat Sanyal | 16 Dec 2008

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