My Dzyuba love

24 Jul 2012 | by | Posted in: Story from Pet Lover


 My first aritcle is dedicated to my 3 month old dog named Dzyuba. He was a Lhasa Apso (born on 19.03.2012). He was brown, golden with a little black and white here and there, so cute and innocent to look at but his attitude was that of a lion, although being a toy breed. He was always an active dog and liked to play a lot with his toys and other friends. His friendly nature towards kids was admirable. Dzyuba could feel the pain when one use to cry because then at that moment he would just sit beside the person crying and even he would start crying and lick the persons leg. He was a great swimmer and hunter. He would keep on hunting and get me all the butterflies,cockroaches and keep it on my doormat. 

You make me a proud mother and I love you a lot. He was so friendly that he could play around the whole day with the stray dogs, which would put his life at risk. Due to ticks in the stray dogs he got few of them in his body and thats when my lilttle lion started getting sick. Normally he could eat a lot, his weight was 4.5 kg at the tender age of 3 months, but due to these ticks now he had to suffer 'BLOOD PARASITE' as his blood was infected. We tried our best but couldnt heal him completely. He cried the whole night and day that deppressed me so much because he was so young and yet he had to face such problems. We took him to several hospitals. Every doctor gave different medicines claiming different dieseases. I was confused but thought it would make him better. He cried a lot when he was being injected. He was injected atleast 2 to 3 times a day. He cried out loud when doctors took out blood from his veins. He kept crying when he had to lay down while getting saline (glucose) for his body, now his weight had gone down to 2.8 kg, I felt like crying but then this would make dzyuba sad, we kept on getting him medicated.

But now it had been more than a month and he was still lying sick, thats when I had to hurry and go back to Delhi because anyhow I had to get fresh blood for him and a blood transfusion bag. It was time to do something myself as all the doctors were delaying the process, that night on 20th july I left for Delhi, when i got a call around 1pm informing me that my dog Dzyuba did'nt eat anything and was waiting for me at the main gate crying out thinking when would I return. I couldnt stop crying this time inside my car, in front of my driver. But I had to for his sake and so I called again and still dzyuba was waiting for me. The next next day I reached delhi dated 21st july. I looked around but couldnt get it. Some doctors said they would the stuff is inside the flight, some said they had only one piece left. I was heart broken, 2 days passed but couldnt get any and on 23rd July I got the tranfusion bag and was about to return and now I was so happy.

So that night I called my sister and we video chatted, I wanted to see dzyuba. My heart beat stopped after seeing dzyuba paralysed, his tounge out in the sideward direction, I kept on calling his name. He tried to walk but his legs were paralysed so he fell down. He recognised me, so he started limping n came near the screen, my younger sister then took him on her hand and thats when dzyuba cried so loud, I felt like dying seeing him in this condition, but no I controlled myself, I had to go then.. again around 9pm i called my sister, she was crying, I asked her why was she crying and then she told me to talk to dzyuba because after the last video chat he was trying his best to eat and stand but she could'nt stand she kept the phone on loudspeaker mode and then I started talkin to dzyuba i shouted him and i petted him through words... i could hear his cry... (i wish i could understan wot he wantted to say to me).. but till i kept on talking till 12.15am... after that my sister told me to sleep...and so idid... and then she gave him some ginger soup as its an home remedy for blood parasite diseases... i was happy seeing him trying hard.. i started getting hope. and my eyes closed for a deep sleep.

Around 2.45 am on july 23th (the day i was to return).. i got a call again.. my heart started beating fast but i answered the call.. it was my sister crying out so loud... i could guess what was she crying for but still i managed to ask is dzyuba alright..??? she couldnt reply and was crying so bad... now i couldnt stop my tears from rolling down.. but still i kept on asking. then at last she told me'Dzyubas dead'... i was so broke i started crying and told her to shake him until he wakes up. but she said she tried it for last 15mins..  i ddnt had any words to say... i came online on skype once again to see him.. and i saw what i never wanted to see.. my little 3months old dzyuba lying dead in my sisters hand.. i kept calling his name but he ddnt respond... i crused myself for leaving him alone in this condition,letting him wait for me whole day and night.... and not carrying him on my hand when he died will be the most desirabe that that i would want to do,  as when we got him i was the first to hold him and he licked my ears (it says when a dogsliks you in and around your ears and mouth it means 'I LOVE YOU')  i was so happy back then...

  lhasa aapso 


my friends came that very night and they called the workers to make the finest graveyard for him... and so they did with my moms helpd... i cried a lot the whole night, the next day and still crying while writting this article... i ll always remember you till i die... your my very own first son... love you always and will miss you.. i wil be there soon to see your grave.. your grave is the finest i ve ever seen.. missing you a lott... i hope you ll remember me and be my son once again ... i have so many things to regrate for letting you travel a lot and not keping ou in delhi .. i shouldnt have brought you back to itanagar (arunachal pradesh my home town)..

so dear pals who ever will read this.. i am looking for a lhasa aapso (brown,golden,little and white mixed) who will be born on that exact dat when my little son dzyuba died on 23july after 2.30am (that when he closed his eyes)... please contact me if you will come accross my required dog.. i ll take it instanly and pay a good price.

                                                                                                           THANK YOU


can't stop cryin :(

By: Shanu | 26 Jul 2012

my story is very same as i lost my pug miley who is even pregnent afew months back.i know what u r going through. may be dzuba is seeing u

By: maneesh | 01 Aug 2012

Very sorry for your loss, i feel your pain, i lost my little cocker spaniel girl recently and i miss her everyday. RIP Dzyuba

By: vikas | 27 Aug 2012

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