My evening with the dogs at Alfa 11

15 May 2011 | by | Posted in: Events

 So I arrived there in the evening expecting to find a mess but as I entered the gates everything was calm and peaceful, the way I remember it. In the distance I could see one of my dogs comfortably sprawled out under the tree and fast asleep. My youngest one was too busy running around playing with a white furry friend that she didn’t even notice I had arrived. The other two were sitting outside the kitchen at the back waiting for their food.

The place has been renovating since February and I was happy to see some of the changes there. The entire compound has a new brick boundary wall and there is a new kitchen almost complete that will also have a little dining area for guests and their dogs. In the future the plans include having rooms where owners could come with their dogs and take a break on the farm with the whole family.


Meet This golden lab has such an adorable face and such a wonderful temperament. She’s been at Alfa11 for more than 9 months now. Her owners left her here to board, then never came to pick her up. She stays here at no charge.

This is Such a playful little boy ! Guddu was brought here to board 4 months ago by a family in Vasant Kunj. They have since not come back for him and it seems they have moved from the address they provided to the kennel and changed their numbers. He stays here at no charge.

The 2 girls Two Indian beauties basking in the sun, Bindi and Betty were boarded here by a foreign lady who couldn’t keep them in her home. She has now left but these two spend their days happily at the farm. They stay here at no charge.

Meet This harmless and adorable looking mutt used to be an embassy dog at one time. But for some reason he snapped at one of the officials there and he was to be put to sleep. But someone there knew of Alfa11 and asked the people there to check this place out. Chip is here for 6 months...seems very scared of people but very happy with other dogs. With training and interaction with people he is getting better.

VEERA and My heart broke when I met these two. Veera has a deformed front paw and Bravo has a bad hind leg. They both wobble along on three legs. They are so friendly and so cute, I wished I could take them home. Their owners were looking for a home for them when they were puppies but no one was willing to adopt these two with their deformities.


There are many many dogs on the farm. Some like mine, are boarded here for long periods of time but most are here coz no one came back to claim them. I counted 


  I am happy to report, I found none.



1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Sometimes I wonder why there are no standardized requirements for kennels across the country ? I am told that help is on the way but we need numbers to get it done. I am all for it. It would be so awesome to have places where our dogs can be left and looked after. I do hope we can join together to make this and all other kennels better for our four legged children. They also deserve a nice relaxing break from us humans once in


Anil @ DoggiesDude
Wonderful setup and selfless service for the left canines. Cheers Alfa-11

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 17 May 2011

What a breath of fresh air....someone who actually recognises Rajesh Bhatt's hard work and selfless acts of love.....

I took my dog to him aged 3 months old...I went with a friend to view the place and she also took her dog along...So the four of us spent an amazing day there....

My dog is named Rocket by Rajesh as he has an amazing amount of energy...He can swim all day and still want to play.....They do say dogs take on their owners personalities...and yep I am the same.....

Dollar and Scooby our children went wild when they saw the amount of lawn they had to run around on...then they went for a swim...Dollar (my labrador) was a natural but Scooby (was not) and was scared of the water.....We were busy catching up and left our four legged babies to the care of the VERY ABLE staff at Alpha 11...We inspected the place and rooms and nothing at all seemed suspcious or indeed wrong...The rooms where the dogs boarded were huge...there were coolers or AC's there....Huge double beds...

We were both very happy...

I then continued to send Dollar to the farm once a week as I knew he got the most exercise when he was there...I know too that a tired dog is a very happy dog....A dog that is not exercised well is a snappy, aggressive, frustrated and angry they resort to chewing, biting, and not listening to their mums or dads...

I see countless dogs pacing their balconies...when you pass by they bark at you as if they wish to attack you....They are frustrated and very angry dogs living in many of them are taken for a walk by maids servants, drivers, cooks, who are normally on the phone will walking the lead training is being re inforced, they can eat anything off the ground of the streets, they go for a few rounds and are swiftly brought home....DOGS NEED MORE EXERCISE THEN THAT..WE can stop going to the gym but dogs need it...They die without exercise....

Rajesh did also mention to me that there is a little more awareness about exercising dogs in India....but in the West there is awareness no doubt....Going for a walk in London to me meant taking my dog to a forest or park for no less then one hour.....we have proper places to take them out there and no one runs away if your dog is off the lead....unforunately here there are few places for dogs to be exercised..

Alpha 11 for me is a blessing...I do not feel guilty about keeping a dog in Delhi now as I know in my heart that he goes to swim every week and he runs around and comes home tired....When he comes home is so tired and I have a huge smile on my face...

I cannot say anything negative about Alpha 11 nor wish to make anything up...All I can say is dogs do also die and no one can be blamed for that unless there is evidence of neglect and ill treatment....(PROOF) I do not see Rajesh as a neglectful person, he would not take in so many dogs and feed them for free had he been...

Anyone with any common sense would like to visit this place meet Rajesh and make their own minds up....Do not go on the posts of two people who have lost their dogs and want to blame someone else for their demise....Things happen in life and we all pass on....Our demise is written as to where we will go and in what circumstances...I would say they were blessed to go in such a beautiful location.....

Dogs are our children and if we treat them that way then give them the pleasure of going to this doggy haven.....

I am so happy that Dollar will be going to his favourite place every week....I have told him and he is thrilled...

Good luck Rajesh bless you for your work and love and passion....keep giong you are a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: nancy | 17 May 2011


By: kiran | 17 May 2011

And to think that posters were being snappy and aggressive requiring training themselves at Thanks Ritika for clearing the image of Rajesh and his Alfa11. By your post I am sure all those lovely companions left behind unclaimed for months by heartless owners could be adopted.

By: gspal | 17 May 2011

prasun roy chowdhury
i am very pleased to see that some humans r still live in the earth to care these innocent appreciate to ur holy serve..

By: prasun roy chowdhury | 22 May 2011

Warren Chang
There are 2 sides to present even the best operation. Both sides have to be viewed carefully without a bias opinion. Left dogs back is a serious issue when you are running a boarding kennel.

By: Warren Chang | 22 May 2011

Hi All,
After seeing article against and in favour of Rajesh Bhatt, the owner of Alfa -11. I would like to share and request few things from the dog lovers.
1) Please donot just bring a dog to your life because you have love towards dog. There are lot of complexities associated&n bsp;with keeping the dog as pet. Like dog is a pack animal and people doesnot have any understanding of pack structure.
2) There is at time no understanding of particular breed and its behaviour. But people select a breed just for its looks. I have seen many times people bringing german shephard as they look beautiful and are not able to control it as its very energitic dog, leading to aggressive behaviour.
3) Lack of correct understanding of obedience training for a dog.
I request all of you to educate your self on dogs and there behaviour before getting one to your home.Its rightly said a well managed dog is a asset and bad managed dog is a liability. I am not discouraging any one to have dog but requesting not to have one till to have sufficient understanding of handling it.
All behaviour problem are very easy to correct with proper understanding of this animal. Please have mercy on dogs and not make then your pets just for satisfying your love towards them.

By: yadavrk_2000 | 05 Jun 2011

Ayon Saha
@yadavrk 2000 : Agreed!!! Like!

By: Ayon Saha | 26 Nov 2011

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