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Every Dog Needs a Home!

20 Jul 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

How often when you switch on the T.V.and see a cute Pug following a sweet girl everywhere saying the network follows you wherever you go,do you get the urge to welcome that beautiful dog into your home! How often when you watch shows on infotainment channels and in fact any show related to animals, do you wish to have a non-human yet more loving more caring and ofcourse more selfless than any human, as your friend! And how often do you search the net or scan the newspaper to find if any pup is on sale. Very often,isn't it?

Source: throughadogsear.com

Not an ordinary pup though but a pedigreed one. Its indeed nice to adopt these pups like the German shepherds, Labradors, pugs and the like. But in this quest why do we forget our indian dogs. Why our love is biased only towards the foreign breeds and why our we apprehensive of adopting Indian dogs. Do you know that Indian dogs being borne in India are best suited to climate here and have a far more better resistance to diseases. Do you know that if we spent even a meagre amount of what is spent on the vaccines of foreign breeds is spent on the initial vaccines of the Indian breed, they would serve us much longer and with much more enthusiasm and energy. And do you know that like its pedigreed friend Indian dogs too can be properly trained and groomed.

The belief that Indian dogs are meant for streets and do not need homes is a highly misconceived notion. Everyday many dogs lose their lives under the wheels of speeding vehicles. And much worse there are plenty of those who lose their limbs in such accidents and are left handicapped for the rest of their life.

But everything is not lost yet. There are still some rays of hope which will come to the fore if you and i together take a small step ahead and take initiative to adopt these street dogs. If every household in the country adopts even a single dog imagine the kind of good we would be doing to our four-legged friends! And these canines who are best suited for all weathers in India would surely pay tribute to our endeveour by showering their immense selfless love on us. And if you want to help these dogs but cannot welcome them into your home, then don't be disheartend. Because you too can do your share of good just by feeding the cute canines waging their tails right in front of your house!

So go ahead and help the stray dogs to lead a better life and I assure you the pleasure you will derive from this venture is immense and unparallel !


Anil @ DoggiesDude
There should be the rule E1 K1 (Each One Keep One) irrespective of breed.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Jul 2009

Sumita Yadav
dats exactly d point....."we are supposedly the most intelligent species on the planet"...but its far from being true......coz had it not been d case we wd nt be living in d concrete jungles.....n so many birds n animal species wd nt hav been facing danger of extinction.....n d issue of global warming n climate change wd nvr hav arisen...But we can stil do our share of good by doing everythng we can to save our environment and d animals......our contribution might b small but dat stl counts!

By: Sumita Yadav | 21 Jul 2009

Both of you are correct..sumita is right as some people keep dogs but are too busy in their lives to give the love n affection dogs deserve..but at the same time Shilpa is correct tht poor people also keep dogs because they too love them n treat them as family..a dog does not know the difference between rich n poor..all it recognises is the love..Both of you are right..pls keep tking care of stray doggies..atleast some of us can make a difference..pls carry on the good work and pass this message of love to all around you so people will change..small drops make an ocean.

By: Doglover09 | 24 Jul 2009

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