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Exclusive Small Bowl for Small Dogs

07 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Picture this: You have bought your little dog’s favorite dog food from the store and you have prepared the best possible meal for him. You call him with a sweet, “dinner time!” call and he comes running to you, wagging his tail in absolute delight. He already knows what you are going to give him and he is even more delighted about the scrumptious meal. You put his bowl down and he runs hurriedly to it.

Suddenly, everything changes. His tails stop wagging as he looks at his bowl. He inches closer to it, gives it not more than a sniff, and promptly walks away from it. What just happened?!

It’s his favorite food and you did nothing wrong. Everything is perfect. Why isn’t he touching his food then? Well, the problem is not in the food but in the bowl. Look at the bowl and tell me, is the bowl of the right size for a small dog? Small dogs have small mouths and you simply can’t expect him to eat from a large bowl. No, it is not ridiculous and your dog is not being choosy about the bowl he is being served in. It all makes perfect sense.

To understand this, you have to imagine yourself to be as little as your dog and you should look at it from that perspective. Will you like it if you were served one little sandwich in a huge plate? No, you wouldn’t. But you will say that you wouldn’t mind eating the sandwich. That makes sense for you – a human. There is more to the bowl for him – your small dog.

Source: petspalace.com.au

If the bowl is too large and your dog is small, his face will entirely be submerged in the bowl and that is intimidating for small dogs. When they can’t see their surroundings as they eat and are completely buried into their bowl, they feel vulnerable. Most dogs prefer not to eat all together as opposed to accepting such discomfort.

Your dog has to be very comfortable when he eats and that is very important. You might give him the best dog food in the world but if you don’t serve it in the right bowl, he won’t really enjoy his food. He will eat only when he is too hungry to ignore his food and has to eat. Don’t do that to your dog. Buy the right sized bowl for him so that he is happy and eats without being bothered too much.

While selecting the right bowl for your small dog, you should also keep his personality in mind. For example, if you have a pug you need to buy a shallow bowl. This is because pugs have a small nose and if the bowl in too deep, their entire head will be in the bowl when they eat! Another problem is that the food could go into the nostrils instead, causing extreme discomfort and breathing problems. Thus, the bowl should be only so deep that his mouth goes into the bowl and not the entire head. If you don’t want to choose a bowl at all, you can search online for a saucer or a flat plate. This will make sure your dog is very comfortable when he eats his food and does not feel vulnerable at all.

Some dogs are extremely greedy. They like gobbling up their food in one go without bothering to chew and savor the taste. These dogs usually end up vomiting and belching after some time. For such dogs, you can choose bowls with a few obstructions. These obstructions won’t let your dog eat so quickly and he will slow down and start to chew his food before he swallows.

One more important thing to keep in mind is to either select two different bowls for your dog or to buy a bowl with two partitions for food and water. Don’t serve food and water in the same bowl for hygienic reasons. You will easily find bowls with two compartments over the Internet. Make sure you look for such bowls because they are convenient and eliminate the need of a second bowl.

Other features to look for in a small dog bowl include material and the bottom. The material should be safe and not toxic. If you choose cheap quality dog bowls you will find that they are made out of cheap quality material that can diffuse into the food and water and cause a number of problems. Choose steel or fiber bowls to keep your pet safe from all harm. Coming to the bottom, it should be flat and wide. It should also not skid easily. If the bottom is not wide enough, chances are that your dog will kick it while eating and spill all the contents on to the floor. Avoid that by buying a bowl with an anti skid bottom that is also wide enough.

Lastly, make sure you place your dog bowl in a quiet place. This is because dogs absolutely hate getting disturbed when they eat. Some dogs even get aggressive when you approach them as they eat because they think that you have come to take their food away. Save yourself and your dog from all the frustration and irritation while he eats. Be sensible and buy him a smaller bowl so that things are easy for both of you.


In summary, you should choose the size of the bowl according to the size of your dog as well as his personality. The bowl should be of high quality material and it must be safe. The bottom should be even sturdier and should be wide enough that the dog doesn’t end up kicking it while he eats. The place where your dog has his meal should be extremely quiet so that your dog is not disturbed at all while he eats. Don’t ruin his mealtime for him!

Remember that small dogs have a small appetite and don’t need to eat a lot. Buying a large dog, thus, in no way makes any sense.

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