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The eternal question or dilemma with prospective dog owners is how to get the perfect puppy. Well, sometimes many owners do not pay much attention to where and how they got the puppy, thinking there will be no differential factors between all dogs from the same breed. What they miss out can cost them a few years down the line when certain drastic health issues start cropping up.

What is a good breeder, you may ask?

There are many commercial individuals in the livestock industry who will debate over this rhetoric. But the universal agreement amongst the learned stands that a good breeder is one who breeds for the dog’s heritage and not for the price of the puppy. The difference in intent is very much reflected by the distinction you will see in how the dogs look act or behave.

So a passionate breeder will essentially be more concerned about every puppy in the litter in terms of health and temperament. And then will do meticulous research on the interested background to check whether the puppy will suit the particular household.

In contrast, the profit breeder, trader or someone who runs a puppy mill will most certainly be interested in the money part of the whole ordeal. So they will pick the more expensive breeds to sell. They will also be over breeding and inbreeding their dogs, which results in highly deformed litters. Another thing is that they will deceive you and bend the truth to convince the buyer like bluffing about faulty lineage, forging documents etc.

Does an ethical breeder really exist?

These few statements must have confused many readers whether a good breeder really exists in this day and age. The answer is, a small proportion of such individuals are present across the world who started off into this business as a hobby and their love for dogs. Due to this intention they care dearly for every puppy that is born in their household or kennel alongwith the sire and dam of the litter.

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How to find the right breeder and puppy?

For most dog owners looking into getting a purebred puppy, they are mostly not clear about what medium to employ when looking for the best and most ethical breeders.

The best way to contact such breeders is through dog shows and local kennel clubs. Unethical breeders will not usually be popular in the dog showing community are will have a bad reputation. It is to be noted that there will be a difference in price of a puppy amongst these types of breeders and the reputed individuals will usually request a higher price than normal due to the quality of the puppy as well as finding serious owners of the breed.

The biggest disadvantage of purchasing from pet shops and puppy traders is not being able to predict the puppy’s health and temperament. If you visit the parents and the litter of the puppy, you will be able to form an estimate of how it will look and behave, and what possible medical concerns to look out for in the future if any.




In closing, I would like to say please do not consider purchase of puppies as your only option when going for a new dog. If you are a novice owner, consider adopting an older dog which is less of a responsibility. If you are hell-bent on buying a pedigreed looking pup without any prior research even then there are many abandoned purebred dogs around us all through the year to be rescued.

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I have a Golden Retriever called Bella. I have always lived with pets since I was born. My father was a professor in veterinary sciences. I write to share my experience of pet keeping.

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