First day at home with new puppy or dog!!!!

25 May 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

I usually see people have very less information about the first day when they bring puppy to home. Few wrong move could intensify the seperation anxeity and create fear, frustration and aggeration in puppy or dogs. I am writing few tips for new dog owner to follow with new dogs.

1. Meet the puppy at breeder's place. dont pet them or touch them... let them come to you and smell you and once you feel he/she is  comfortable then pet them, hold them and take a short walk with them. --- This will help you to gain trust in puppy's mind ---

2. when you come to your place. dont enter the house instantly. put the puppy on leash and take a short walk around your house and then enter the house. --- This will help them to relax in the new environment ---

3. once you enter the house let the puppy free and let him/her roam around and smell everything. dont pet him or her and tell others to stay at their place and ignore the puppy & behave casually. (else puppy will be get scared. because this a new environment with new people). once the puppy is comfortable then pet him but dont come to him or her all together like "yeppie!!! we have a new puppy at home"... you will have enough time for this after the puppy will get comfortable  --- This will make him feel safe and relax ---

4. before bringing the puppy decide the place where he/she gonna stay and put the bed or carete at the same place.

hope this is informative for you. And always remember train your puppy/dog well... only with discipline you will be able to share more love... 




rukma kiran
thanks . its enlightening and very useful

By: rukma kiran | 29 May 2010

Sabrina Court
Sounds very sensible...although i wish i had seen this before i brought my puppy home. somehow i get the feeling, we did something right - she adjusted very quickly to her new home and all of us.

By: Sabrina Court | 27 Nov 2010

thanks gopal, its very useful as i am planning to buyone.i am from dehradun if u can guide me to get one(LAB).

By: ajay.patankar | 15 Jun 2011

This is really helpful. I am planning to buy a LAB soon. This is the first time I am going to have a pet, so I am a little anxious as to what is right and wrong. :)

By: Jyothi | 17 Jul 2011

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