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<p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">Whenever we say or talk about quality aquatic products the first name that pops into the mind is Fluval. They are the undisputed champions of aquarium products for over 30 years and have been trusted name among fish hobbyists and aspirants. Fluval is the pioneer of various innovative products into their repertoire. Fluval produces technologically advanced products and have various patents to their name.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">Fluval is under the renowned brand umbrella of Hagen. This is a multinational pet brand that is based in Germany. They have expanded in almost all the parts of the world with their excellent quality of products. Hagen product range does not end with <u><strong>fish products</strong></u> only; they produce a wide range of products for all your dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles and of course fish for both freshwater and marine water aquariums.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\"> The <u><strong>Fluval aquatic products</strong></u> are not only innovative but are highly dependable in fact their products are best in the genre. It does not end here there aspiring technology ensures that Fluval stays in the forefront for the upcoming days as well. Their aim is to produce quality products and continue to be market leaders in aquarium products with their innovative research and excellent and top quality products.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">In 1982, Fluval introduced the first ever canister filter in the world. This was just the beginning ever since that day, the aquarium products segment has never been the same. There filter systems are efficient, reliable and simple to use and install.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">Fluval has been pioneers in the aquarium products industry and aim to continue to do so in the coming years. One of the best examples of their unique products is the technologically advanced Fluval G Series Filters. This is not only stylish to look at but have a practical use as well. After all how many filters can read the water temperature, conductivity and flow rate of the water. This is one of the best filters in the market.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">Fluval also has a <u><strong>wide range of ready to set aquariums</strong></u>. This includes a range of both <u><strong>plastic and glass filters</strong></u>. This includes Chi, Edge and many others. These aquarium kits are complete with integrated filters, lighting systems and heater, in some cases there are ornamental decorations as well. You just need to add gravel, water and fish and it is ready to go. These can be the perfect gifts for friends and family.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">Fluval’s inspiration has been driven by the development made in the aquatic products industry and the need and expanse of knowledge regarding fish keeping. The technologically advanced products are not only efficient and optimal to use but the ready to use aquariums can be the perfect centerpieces for your home or an office environment.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">The aim of the Fluval is simple to produce products that are convenient, easy to use and extremely reliable. They produce optimal quality filters, which have replaceable filter medias that assist in cleaning of the aquarium water. Along with filters there are ready to use aquariums the perfect gift items or accessory for your own home. Other than filters there is a range of lighting systems that maintain the vibrancy of all your aquariums.</span></p><p style=\"text-align: justify;\"> <span style=\"font-size:14px;\">Fluval also produces nutritional range and water care products for both freshwater and <u><strong>marine water aquariums</strong></u>. This brand provides you a one stop shop for all your aquarium products.</span></p>


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