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Four dogs killed during dog show in Chennai.

15 Sep 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag News

CHENNAI: The heat and humid conditions took a toll on the four-legged participants at a dog show here on Sunday, with four dying of sunstroke and exhaustion after several rounds in the ring.Sources said three of the dogs — Rottweiler, Neapolitan Mastiff and St Bernard — were imported breeds and unsuited for hot climates. They were always housed in air-conditioned kennels. Also, they were heavy and easily got tired.Many of the participants in the 92nd and 93rd dog show organised by the Madras Canine Club alleged that their dogs were made to run more than 10 rounds, as the judge was unable to make up his mind about the winner. They said the canines usually ran two rounds in the ring for the judge to decide how well they conformed to the breed’s standard. If needed, they ran an extra round.“My dog, Zareena, was made to run 12 rounds in the hot sun and compete with the imported breeds,” said Rakesh, owner of the Rottweiler that died. “The judge could not make up his mind about which of the dogs was the best of the breed.”“It is not that any person can become a judge in a dog show. The Kennel Club of India has specified that he must have certain number of years of experience in a particular breed,” Rakesh said. “He must sit for an examination in order to get a diploma to qualify as judge.”The judge of the show was later relieved, sources said. Many also blamed the lack of adequate medical facilities and first aid for the death of the canines that were worth about Rs 2.5 lakh each.Madras Canine Club president C V Sudarshan, however, claimed that only the Rottweiler died, while three were taken to hospital for treatment for exhaustion.

Founder Chairman of the People for Animals (PFA) Haryana Naresh Kadyan, Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India spoken with the Secretary to the Animal Welfare Board of India, Commissioner of Police representative as well, for strict legal actions against the organizers, judges and participants for the violation of the 428-429 IPC read with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 section 3, 11 and 38 with 120-B criminal conspiracy against animals, AWBI is going to issue notice today.


Abhishek Naresh Kadyan
OK, thanx

By: Abhishek Naresh Kadyan | 15 Sep 2009

Damn! thats an outrage...

By: Ravinder | 16 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
The KCI should have thought about regulating the show. I like to see there comment on this.

By: Warren Chang | 16 Sep 2009

Dinkar Singh
Its surprising, but then apart from a few Indian Judges the other Indian Judges, what are there credentials, what have they kept or done that qualify them to become Judges. There should be test and only then people should be made judges.

By: Dinkar Singh | 16 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
They need common sense. How do we build that into them or test them.

By: Warren Chang | 17 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
Now we cant blame the judges. The KCI should have also known that it was hot and not have officiated the show in chennai.

By: Warren Chang | 17 Sep 2009

Dinkar Singh
Well the judges are supposed to be knowledgeable people and if so then they should know when it is dog for the dog or not and which breeds can take the heat. It is not just book knowledge that should make a judge but years of experience with dogs also.

I dnt agree with u dnt judges have common sense and it just shows their lack of concern for dogs then why are they judges in the first place.

KCI is an office how r they to see weather conditions in different shows arranged in different cities. Judges are responsible and the organizers

By: Dinkar Singh | 17 Sep 2009

Warren Chang
Nobody can predict the weather but we all know that there are cooler seasons. Shows should be held in cooler seasons for obvious reasons or have it indoor.
Let this be an example to the regional club to decide on factors effecting dog health when deciding when and where a dog show should be held.

By: Warren Chang | 17 Sep 2009

Benny Kennels
That is why most of the shows are held in winter. I When weather is not predictable, due care should have been taken execting the unexpected. Good shade, covered judging rings (as you can see in Ooty show), Good water facility and vet facility in case of emergency are the essentials of every show, that too when the climate is odd and not favourable for doggy dudes. I stopped going to Chennai show as I had a similar experience in 2006. One of my cocker female was saved from death at the last second. She got a heat stroke. I rushed fast to the vetinary college and thanks to the doctor and the students there My girl was saved.

By: Benny Kennels | 17 Sep 2009

Ajay Pratap Singh
I think owner is equally responsible with organizers and judges for this deadly incident as they are the one who should have known their dogs better and should be more concerned about their health than anybody else. Moreover, we all should seriously think twice before partipcating in such shows, unless and untill it is an indoor show with proper cooling system.


By: Ajay Pratap Singh | 19 Sep 2009

Dinkar Singh
I agree with the two above...

By: Dinkar Singh | 19 Sep 2009

Abhishek Naresh Kadyan
Animal Welfare Board of India moved complaints

By: Abhishek Naresh Kadyan | 19 Sep 2009

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