Four Puppies Found Stuck To Ground Covered In Tar

28 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

People are going to new lows when it comes to cruelty to animals. Another hideous act of animal abuse was seen in Romania recently. Four little puppies were discovered covered completely in black hot tar. The tar made them stuck to the ground and the blazing heat further made the condition worse for the pups. Fortunately, some animal activists found the dogs and took them to the hospital immediately.


Image Source: Indiatimes


The animal activists mentioned saying that some locals have done this gruesome act. As per the Sky Foundation for Animal Rights, someone is intentionally making the pooches suffer in such a harsh way. Sorin Puiu, the veterinarian who is currently treating the pups stated that the condition in which the dogs were brought was horrific. However, they are presently improving and doing better.


Image Source: Indiatimes

The ruthless activities of abusing pups for no reason are increasing at a rocket speed these days. Another incident similar to this happened in New Jersey as well. Two dogs, Yorkie and Pitbull were found on the terrace covered in tar and left outside in a blistering temperature of 96 degrees. As soon as the police received the call of their condition, they rushed to save the mutts in no time. The police managed to save them and take them to the vet right away.

Bringing a dog home just for your entertainment and status isn’t the gist of it. You need to understand that you are responsible for your pooch just as you take the full responsibility of your child. We hope people stop these callous activities and understand that dog’s life keep equivalent value as theirs.

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