From abused to adored

12 Jun 2015 | by | Posted in: Adoption


The story of Serene the Labrador Retriever

Before you cringe, this is not uncommon among dogs and, indeed, several other species of animals. Once the sexual instinct kicks in, the need to fulfill it tends to take precedence over everything else. To take it a step further, unethical breeders have absolutely no problems with mating mothers with sons, fathers with daughters, and brothers  with sisters, if it means they can continue to have “profitable” litters. The bottom-line is that the mother was in immediate need of care and attention...and a bit of physical distance from Hurricane. The very evening of having received the call, the complainant and I visited the boarding home. This is a picture that was taken moments after I met the pair of Labradors.

Serene lived up to her name from the day she walked into my life. She was terrified of her own shadow and would run and hide in dark corners if I so much as stood up suddenly. But she had the gentlest way about her and would tuck her entire body into a hug, when she felt secure enough. The more I found out about her story, the less I wanted to know. As a welfare worker, however, it was important for me to know the details.

Dog and cat   

It’s been two years since she entered my life and it’s safe to say that, every time there is a case that I think I won’t be able to stomach, I think of her and how she changed everything for me. Serene now lives with three other dogs and several humans who adore her. She has, in turn, fostered several dogs, two cats, and an injured crow. And she’s the reason I wake up each morning and go back to animal welfare.

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