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From Embryo to Foetus in 34 days.

30 Nov 2011 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki


Day 22 – The ears begin to form.

Day 25 – Your vet can confirm gestation.
By performing an ultrasound from the 25th day of presumed gestation, the vet can establish a reliable diagnosis, giving you an idea as to the size of the litter and detecting any abnormalities.
To diagnose gestation, your vet can also do a blood test to determine the level of relaxin. This hormone is only secreted by the placenta. Its presence in the blood stream is therefore proof of gestation.
Whichever method your vet chooses, it is very useful to confirm your bitch’s gestation as early as possible in order to properly monitor her condition.
As from the 25th day, little more than one month remains to prepare for the happy event.

Day 32 – The eyelids appear.
The development of the embryo remains modest, but as from the 30th day, it becomes quite clear.

Day 35 – The toes separate

Now we’re in the foetal stage. The 35th day marks the end of embryogenesis, the first phase of gestation. The organs are all now beginning to form and we may now talk about foetuses even though their development is not complete. It is during this foetal phase and in particular as from the 40th day that almost of the puppies' weights at birth are acquired by the foetuses.

Your bitch's requirements are changing
As from the 5th week the foetuses' development speeds up. They gain weight and their skeleton mineralises. Your bitch's nutritional requirements will change, as she now requires a diet with higher energy, protein and mineral content. This might seem contradictory, but you may very well observe a drop in her appetite. It's time to give her the BIRTH PROGRAMME for optimal nutrition. Palatable, high in energy content and very digestible, STARTER and STARTER Mousse are diets that have been designed as a solution to all of her increasing needs during gestation. STARTER and STARTER Mousse will also be perfectly suited to the period during which your bitch will be suckling her pups and where her nutritional requirements are also extremely high.

Day 40 – The claws appear.

Day 45 – The first hairs appear, the skeleton ossifies.

The coat is one of the last organs to develop as is the skeleton which only begins to ossify in the final third of gestation.

Your bitch needs to be wormed, make an appointment with your vet
Parasites are a serious threat as they can infect the puppies at birth. This is why your vet will tell you how and with which product to worm your bitch.

Day 50 – The foetuses skeletons are ossified and the foetuses can now be seen on an x-ray.
This examination, in most cases, will enable the number of foetuses to be counted.
At whelping, this will reassure you that no puppies have remained stuck.
The x-ray is not damaging to the health of your bitch or her puppies.

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Mohammad Tariq
Very useful piece of information for first timers...

By: Mohammad Tariq | 02 Dec 2011

rishav singh
thanks to dogspot and royal canin given good information........

By: rishav singh | 03 Dec 2011

Tarun Mehra
very good information

By: Tarun Mehra | 06 Dec 2011

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thanks a lot for this valuable informations,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,thanks again

By: vishal panwar | 06 Dec 2011

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