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Frontline, the first line of defence against fleas and ticks

Most pet lovers would agree that the next best thing in their lives apart from their kids are their pets. While the kids grow up, they become independent enough to carry out their own tasks and are least dependent on you for their day-to-day functioning. However, a pet on the other hand, always remains a kid, completely dependent on you to feed him, clean him up, take him out for walks, etc. And if you don’t care for him, he might end up getting hurt by some object, or even fleas and ticks. That’s right. Fleas and ticks are the worst enemies of the canine and even feline world. To save the little ones from any such threats, many pet lovers use Frontline Plus as the only line of defence. Protecting your pets from fleas and ticks, Frontline Plus products claim to wipe these out within 24 hours!

No matter how safe you think you keep your pets, these deadly parasites could be anywhere, ready to attack your pet. These could be on other pets your pet might be interacting with, around bushes in your garden or the neighbourhood garden you take him to for walks and worse still on your sofa, carpet or even the floor. You can’t see them but when they start sucking the blood out of your pet, you’d start to notice these little creatures. If you think you removed them during brushing, you didn’t. That’s because just 2 fleas can lay hundreds of eggs within days. The poor pet is left to fight unsuccessfully with them. The good news is that Frontline Plus prevents an infestation by killing the adult fleas along with killing flea eggs and larvae too. And, these are available both for dogs and cats. Here are some of the products:

Flea and Tick Protection for Small and Medium Dogs: Controls biting lice, a few drops of this solution on small and medium dogs kills 98-100% of fleas within 24 hours for a period of two months. It kills ticks within 48 hours for a month.

Frontline Plus for Large and Extra large dogs: A waterproof solution, it is perfectly safe and effectively works on large and extra large dogs. It eliminates the parasites in no time.It combines adult flea and tick control with an insect growth regulator known as S-methoprene, which kills flea eggs and larvae. A sure shot formula to good health.

Frontline Plus for Puppies and Small dogs: This one is completely safe to use onpuppies from eight weeks of age and weighing upto 10kg. These products are suitable for use on pregnant and lactating bitches too.

Frontline Plus for Cats Flea Protection:It’s not just dogs who need protection from fleas and ticks. Cats would do well to receive this treatment too. Works perfectly for the felines keeping them safe from lice.

To sum it up, Frontline Plus helps prevents ticks and fleas for a long time by curbing the same at all flea stages.

Frontline products are also used by vets in clinics to treat pets. Along with applying the solution, regular brushing and combing helps too. While medicines may give comfort, it is always better to take steps that help avoid recurrence of the same. Regularly washing the pet’s bed, keeping your garden and surroundings clean will go a long way in keeping the furry friends safe and healthy.

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